After introducing the individual MyFitness athletes competing in Ironman, we continue with the introduction of the brave MyFitness team members who will enter the Ironman competition as a team. Meet the teams representing MyFitness and read how they prepare together and what goals they strive for.

Our first team is the real heavy artillery. The men decided to achieve results, and we are already looking forward to meeting them on the race track.

The team includes MyFitness trainers Indrek Viska and Lauri Pakkas, as well as Simon Lukka, MyFitness business client project manager

Indrek Viska is a personal trainer and cycling enthusiast, who in 2016 won the Estonian Championship in road racing in the Senior 1 age group. As a member of the MyFitness team, he competed in Ironman three times as a cyclist, and his love for this competition brought him back to participate again this year. Indrek has set a goal to race at an average speed of 40 km/h and hopes that the weather will provide a constant tailwind. Last year, Indrek was plagued by back pain, which interfered with his general performance. This year, he is focusing more on the training volume and does back strengthening exercises based on the specifics of the cycling position.

The swimming distance will be completed by Lauri Pakkas, who has been swimming all his life. For the past 15 years, he has been teaching his experience and wisdom to others. In June, the preparation will become more serious, because then it will be possible to swim in open water. Before the competition, he will also attend a training camp in Southern Estonia. His current goal is to swim the Ironman 70.3 distance in under 30 minutes.

Simon Lukka, who takes care of MyFitness business clients every day, will conquer the running distance. Simon has extensive sports experience; he has been playing football for over 20 years. In addition to football, he played other sports, but running became especially close to his heart. As a tradition, Simon is taking part in the run around Lake Viljandi for the 16th time, and last year he ran his first marathon. Simon intends to purposefully prepare for the competition. Already this month he began preparations based on a specific plan. Ironman will be the main test, and the whole running year will culminate with the 42 km distance of the Tallinn Marathon.

Our second team consists of active and determined trainers. Laura-Lotte puts herself to the test again on the waves of Lake Harku, Kristjan will ride 90 kilometres, and Keidy’s swift legs are responsible for the running.

The second team consists of trainers Kristjan Maasik, Keidy Kulbas and Laura-Lotte Varvas

Kristjan works day-to-day at our clubs as a gym and personal trainer and is also a physical education teacher. Kristjan had his first Ironman 70.3 experience last year when he represented us as a runner in the team. This year, he was dealt a different hand, and we will see a young man on a bicycle. “I like to give myself a great challenge that is worth training for, and the 90km bike race seemed like a really exciting option,” admits Kristjan. The preparation process is exciting for Kristjan, since he does not have much cycling experience.

The training is aimed at developing endurance. In winter, Kristjan diligently accumulated kilometres by skiing, and in the spring he added running and bike training. He expects close competition and dry weather from the competition. He does not set a clear time goal for completing the distance and simply hopes to do a good job.

“I’ve realized that it’s not quite that simple, that you change your sneakers for cycling shoes and immediately take off.”

Keidy is an energetic group coach and is competing in Ironman 70.3 for the first time. She had been considering participating for several years and was thrilled when word came that Keidy could contribute to the team as a runner. Young lady has a varied sports experience and has tried several sports in her life. At the moment, Keidy is laying a solid foundation for performing well in the competition. Keidy is aiming for a time of 1 h 45 min and is really looking forward to a fun and enjoyable race day.

IRONMAN 70.3 2024

Laura-Lotte is already an old fish in the Ironman 70.3 competition. She has been swimming as part of the team for several years in a row and finds the whole event very inspiring.

“The whole atmosphere is so intense and it’s just pure joy for me to be there!” said Laura-Lotte.

This year we will also see Laura-Lotte on stage, because at the same time she is preparing to compete in the IFBB Wellness Fitness category. Because of this, she hasn’t been able to do a lot of swimming training, but it doesn’t bother her. Laura-Lotte has been swimming since childhood, so for her swimming is a well-established skill that only requires a little reminder.

See you at the finish line! We wish our team members strength and endurance. We advise all fans to stay tuned, because throughout the entire preparation period we will keep you informed about the activities of both individual athletes and teams, share educational recommendations for cycling enthusiasts, runners and swimmers, and also explain how to maintain and support health before sporting challenges.


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