Trainings for babies and toddlers

Prenatal Aqua

We welcome all pregnant women of any trimester to water workout at MyFitness Ülemiste City club’s swimming pool. The training program is created especially for the pregnancy period to provide moderate physical exercise and to ease pregnancy discomforts.

The class is without additional charge for MyFitness members; 5 EUR for non-members.
Classes take place on Monday at 12.00 and on Thursday at 11.00 in the swimming pool at MyFitness Ülemiste City club.

Prenatal Workout

We welcome all pregnant women to these workout classes that are suitable at any stage of the pregnancy. Doctors and midwifes recommend to stay active during the pregnancy; moderate physical activity promotes easier delivery. Prenatal exercise helps to reduce and avoid discomforts connected with pregnancy. Correct methods and exercises can reduce the pelvic pain and back pain.

The class is without additional charge for MyFitness members; 5 EUR for non-members.
Classes take place at MyFitness Rocca al Mare and MyFitness Postimaja clubs.

Workout for babies and toddlers

Healthy lifestyle starts from an early age, thus we are happy to welcome the tiniest athletes to exercise with their parents. Our goal is to develop child’s abilities, to teach him to be aware of surroundings and to communicate. We offer moms and kids new and positive emotions and experiences. The class is conducted by an experience and qualified teacher. Trainings are divided in accordance with age groups.

The class is without additional charge for MyFitness members; 8 EUR for non-members.

Classes take place at MyFitness Rocca al Mare, MyFitness Kristiine and MyFitness Ülemiste City.
To participate, pre-book the spot and show your ticket to the trainer! Non-members cannot book the spot, thus participation is subject to availability.



Baby fitness classes welcome moms and dads with their babies starting from the age of 2-3 months. Special massage movements and gymnastic exercises will teach the parents to know their babies better and to become more confident. Both parents and babies are discovering new things together. Regular exercise with the child helps moms to strengthen the muscles after pregnancy and to get more confident while playing with the baby. Gymnastic helps babies to develop their age appropriate motor skills.

What is happening in the class? We start with a dance warm up and end with the stretching and discussion. The instructor chooses exercises in accordance with the babies’ development and moms’ physical abilities.

Important to know! Every child has his own pace of development. We choose the group based on the individual skills, not just child’s age.
BABY FITNESS I. this is a group for 2-6 months old babies. They are participating in this workout until they will learn how to turn, crawl, walk on all fours; moms will learn the ergonomics, different ways of carrying the baby, baby massage techniques; they exercise their deep muscle and whole body with the baby – standing up, on the mat, on the fitball.

BABY FITNESS II: this is a group for 6-12 months old babies that can crawl and go on all fours. They will learn how to sit, how to stand up and how to walk with support – different obstacle courses, balls and other gear are used; moms exercise with and without the baby.

What to wear: long sleeve bodysuit, pants, socks, blanket and favourite toy for the baby; workout clothes and shoes, small towel, and drinking water for mom. If wanted, carriers, wraps or slings (used in classes at Rocca al Mare club).



Gymnastic workout is for 1-2 years old toddlers and their parents. The goal is to provide age appropriate physical and moving development. Every month we learn new things in accordance with children’s readiness. Usually children are barefoot.

What is happening in the class? We perform basic motor skill exercises: movement (walking, running, jumping, climbing etc.), moves (lifting, lowering, stretching, bending of legs and arms; turning, bending and stretching of the torso etc.), use of equipment (throwing, catching, rolling the ball, pulling and carrying), and a lot of different balance exercises. Every class ends with the group game or ritual.

Training gear: workout clothes, drinking water.


Swimming class welcomes moms and dads with their babies starting from the age of 3 months. The earlier you bring a child to a swimming pool and teach him the basic swimming principles, the faster he will become accustomed to water, so you can later go swimming in any pool. When your child turns 2 months old, we recommend to gradually lowering the bathing water temperature to 32 degrees.
Water has many positive aspects. Besides fun and games, water positively affects human body and mind – is relaxes, calms down, physically develops, provides a good night sleep, it often releases the muscle stress that can bother a baby.

Swimming classes are organised by age (we welcome children aged from 3 months to 4 years); one class takes 45 minutes. We kindly ask you to take a shower before entering the pool and to put a special swim diaper on your baby.

What is happening in the class? The class is well defined and structured; the instructor can choose an individual approach if needed. First of all, babies get accustomed with the water and the pool, and then they are learning to move on the side, on the tummy, on the back, to move their arms and legs. They learn to dive. Different equipment is used. The class is gradually moving to more complicated activities.

You can find the suitable training in our schedule.


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