Group trainings

Do you find exercising with others inspiring for You? Are you searching for excitement, versatility and high-spirited team action?

If the answer is yes, then join us in MyFitness group trainings!

In our group trainings you will find everything from classic aerobics to spinning and small group gym workouts. Our studios and gyms are spacious and filled with fresh air. What is more, the motivation coming from teamwork and professional trainers is inspiring and gives You a great boost of energy!

Everyone can find their own favorite from our wide choice of group trainings – it does nor matter if You are a beginner or a more advanced fitness fanatic.
To make it all easier for You, we have divided our group trainings into three categories:
Cardio, Strength, Body & Mind. You can always ask the trainers to instruct you and help you to find a right workout style.

  • Spinning

    Spinning is an athletic training program designed to provide all levels of students with a fun, safe and challenging workout. Remember to bring a towel and water to your spinning class.


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