Swimming complex

At the swimming complex of MyFitness Rocca al Mare there are perfect conditions for athletes, amateur swimmers and kids. Swimming complex consists of:

  • swimming pool 10 m x 25 m,  0,9-1,6 m deep, water temperature ca. 28 °C
  • children’s pool 2,5 m x 10 m,  0,5-0,9 m deep, water temperature ca. 32 °C
  • hot tub for up to 5 people, water temperature ca. 34 °C
  • saunas– steam and hot saunas.

1341_bigSwimming complex is equipped with the high-class water cleaning and ventilation systems. All visitors must follow swimming complex rules of conduct.
Various group training are performed in the swimming complex of MyFitness Rocca al Mare – water aerobics, swimming lessons for grownups, children’s training; we also offer personal swimming training.

During the training in the large swimming pool there is at least one lane opened for all the visitors (Mon-Fri 15.00-18.30, water aerobic training according to the schedule).  Children’s pool is closed for other visitors during the training hours (Mon-Fri 15.00-18.00).

See you at the MyFitness Rocca al Mare’s swimming pool!

  • Aqua

    Water is one of the best fitness tools: It provides resistance, which strengthens muscles and boosts cardio intensity. It also supports some of your weight, making workouts easier on joints and reducing injury.

Good manners at the gym

  • Always dress in accordance with the training’s content, wear appropriate footwear and always use the training towel.
  • It is recommended to use closed footwear in the gym, and flip flops at the showers and the swimming pool – for both hygiene and safety reasons.
  • Locker room’s lockers can be used only during the training.
  • Don’t take your mobile phone to the training – leave it in the locker or in the safe.
  • To participate in the group training, get your ticket at the club’s info desk and give it to the trainer at the beginning of the training.
  • Cancel your bookings in time via internet, if you can’t make it. It is not possible to cancel the booking over the phone.
  • Don’t be late to the group training – it distracts other participants, and non-sufficient warm up can elevate risk of injury.
  • After the practice, clean the training equipment with an appropriate disinfectant and put it back to its place.
  • Use all the equipment carefully and in the purpose intended; if needed, ask the trainer for help or advice.
  • Drink plenty of fluids during and after the practise.
  • Shaving and hair colouring is prohibited at the club premises.
  • It is prohibited to use oils, honey, salts and other skincare products in the saunas.
  • Wear appropriate swimwear (it is prohibited to swim in shorts; swimwear with nets, chains, locks and buttons is also prohibited) while using the swimming pool (Rocca al Mare).
  • Before using the swimming pool, please wash yourself thoroughly, without swimwear. It is obligatory to wash yourself between using the sauna and entering the swimming pool.
  • It is obligatory to tie up long hair while swimming; if possible, please use the swim cap.
  • There is a right side rule at the swimming pool’s lane; please follow the markings and consider the group trainings in the water.
  • Be friendly towards other club members; consider the others who train in the same space.


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