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We are located in Kristiine Keskus 2nd floor. During Kristiine Keskus ' closed hours, club can be accessed from a separate entrance on Tulika Street. The door under MyFitness logo.

Mon-Fri 6.30-23.00 Sat, Sun 9.00-21.00



  • Fusion Pilates

  • Group trainings

  • Personal training


  • Gym

  • Body & Mind

  • Children's trainings

  • Saun


The club has a spacious group training studio, where we offer a variety of workouts. The club’s schedule has suitable workouts for both beginners and experienced athletes. This includes both MyFitness’s own trainings and Les Mills’ concept workouts.


Like MyFitness, Fusion Pilates is suitable for everyone and does not require previous Pilates or training experience! Muscle training on the reformer strengthens muscles, develops flexibility and coordination, and makes us prettier and healthier! Under the guidance of Fusion Pilates trainers, you will complete an excellent workout with good music within 50 minutes!


Boxing studio with a unique concept! Jab, hook, uppercut – it’s a full body workout. Good music and boxing punches guarantee you 50 minutes of efficient calorie burning and daily workout variety!

Personal trainers at the Kristiine club

We all have goals in mind when we join the gym. Working with a Personal Trainer improves your chances of achieving them.


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MyFitness Kristiine
Endla 45, Tallinn 10615

Customer service +372 600 0669

Coaches and staff

Mon-Fri 6.30-23.00 Sat, Sun 9.00-21.00

Free parking with parking clock for 4h

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