Monika Kahro is an award-winning and recognized personal trainer, nutritionist, mother, wife and entrepreneur. With over 10 years of education and a career in health and fitness, Monica has found her purpose and passion: to live and help others around her achieve an excellent quality of life through a healthy weight, simple nutrition and exercise that allows you to enjoy life and stay in great shape. She has written about her personal experiences and lessons to share her passion and help others live and achieve a high quality of life by following simple and logical workouts and nutrition tips that will help you enjoy life and feel better.

If you want to make your life healthier and feel more confident, “Your new you” offers detailed instructions and motivational stories on how to achieve a consistently healthy weight and joy in life.

Flexible nutrition and training

Flexible nutrition and properly planned workouts are the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Flexible eating means eating balanced meals without excessive restrictions.

  • Balanced nutrition: Eat a variety of foods to get all the nutrients you need.
  • Portion control: Make sure you eat the right amounts to avoid overeating.
  • Drink enough water: Water is essential for life and helps keep the body healthy.

Planning is the basis of healthy eating. Create a sample menu that contains all the necessary nutrients and will help you stay on track:

  • Seven-day sample menu: Plan meals ahead to avoid unhealthy choices.
  • Quantities and plate rule: Watch the amount of food and eat regularly.

In the book “Your new you” you will find instructions on how to start healthy eating and strength training. In addition, the book contains delicious recipes that will make healthy eating an enjoyable part of your daily life.

Motivation and debunking myths

One of the main obstacles to weight loss is false beliefs and myths. Have you heard that to lose weight you need to eat more or that starving brings quick results? These are just some of the common myths that are debunked in the book. In addition, there’s plenty of motivation to help you reach your goals.

Changing your mindset and setting goals

Weight loss starts from the head. Positive and supportive thinking is the foundation of successful weight loss. By setting realistic goals and celebrating every small victory, you will achieve bigger and more lasting results. Ask yourself why you want to change and how it will improve your quality of life.


The importance of training

Exercise plays an important role in weight loss and is an important part of overall health. Strength training helps you burn fat, build muscle, and improve your overall fitness. Start with simple exercises and gradually increase the load.

  • Start with small steps: The first training plan may include gentle exercises such as walking, stretching and light strength training.
  • Consult a trainer: A personal trainer will help you create a suitable training plan and teach you how to use the right techniques.

The book contains the best workouts for burning fat, instructions for strategic strength training, and special exercises for new mothers. The initial training plans and important to follow during training are also presented.

The book “Your New You” offers you instructions on how to change your eating habits and start exercising. A number of weight loss myths are busted to help you avoid common misconceptions and achieve lasting results. The book summarizes all the wisdom for achieving a consistently healthy weight along with well-being, enjoyment of life and energy.

The books are sold in MyFitness clubs Ülemiste City, Järve, Rocca al Mare, Viru and Tartu Annelinn at a special price of 22.90 Euros. With the promo code “UUSMYFIT” all MyFitness members can also get the book with a 20% discount on

You are also welcome to listen to Monika Kahro’s lecture “All about weight loss”, which will take place on 04.07 at the MyFitness Ülemiste City sports club. We will also answer questions related to weight loss and introduce the book “YOUR NEW YOU” written for you by MyFitness’ award-winning personal trainer and nutritionist. For MyFitness members, registration through the timetable and participation is FREE. Registration for non-members via e-mail and participation costs 5 Euros – payment at the club. Additional information and registration >


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