In the previous part, we described in detail how our member and cultural figure Ivo began his training. In the meantime, Ivo has been training both independently and with a trainer. Let’s see how Ivo is doing with his weight loss, how he manages to maintain a training rhythm, and what obstacles have come up.

Small lessons

Dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells – these are now three of my friends. I always stayed away from these three when I went to the sports club. However, now MyFitness personal trainer Indrek Vait quickly explained how wrong I was.

The fact is that in order to achieve results, the muscles must be trained not only with the maximum possible load (of course, this also matters), but also using the individual correct technique. When performing exercises, you need to be guided by your own physique. Do different dumbbell curls, lift the barbell in different styles, or lift the kettlebell in specific positions. Strength machines can also be used for training, but their role is still universal. The machines themselves are a safe choice for training; using them won’t allow you to do the exercises in a very wrong way. But at the same time, the body quickly adapts to the standard load received, and the effect of the training decreases accordingly.

Sore muscles

At the beginning of each workout session, Indrek asked me if I had any pain and where exactly did it hurt. According to him, moderate pain (up to 5 on a scale of 10) is only a positive sign that the previous exercise was effective. At the same time, you should stop straining the aching muscles if the feeling of pain rises to 7 on the scale.

Indrek, who was mainly involved in powerlifting, mentioned, among other things, that something always hurts after every workout. “It makes me feel alive!” he joked.

I spent most of my time training my shoulder muscles, but I also focused on my legs and abdominal muscles. The emphasis was on the tempo and amplitude of the performances. The experience gained from this shows that when the exercises are performed correctly, performance increases with each series. I tried to memorize Indrek’s instructions as accurately as possible and store them in muscle memory. In the future I would like to train on my own, following his recommendations. In general, I know which exercises suit me and which position is most effective when performing the exercise. If the goals are clear, then there is nothing left to do but turn on AC/DC or Rammstein in your headphones and time after time pick up heavier and heavier weights. Also, following correct technique as much as possible.

Got into the rhythm – hold on to it!

In October, I created a daily training rhythm for myself. Twice strength training and twice cardio. One of the latter is swimming at the MyFitness Ülemiste City club on the weekend. After swimming my distance in the 25 meter pool, I can relax in the hot tub and steam room as a bonus.

I try to maintain the rhythm of four workouts and gradually increase the load I receive. If the coming winter provides an opportunity to ski or skate outdoors, I will definitely take advantage of these options. Since MyFitness has 13 clubs in Tallinn and Harjumaa, I can create variety by training in different locations according to my movements around the city.

By the way, club saunas provide additional motivation to visit gyms in cold weather. I’m glad that in the renovated club in Viimsi the sauna heater is quite lively – just a couple splashes is enough to raise the temperature to 100.

“Wrestling” with appetite comes late in the evening

Oddly enough, strength training makes me feel hungry in the evenings before going to bed – the body demands what it has spent. Kadi Salm-Dikker, personal trainer at MyFitness Viimsi, explained that our instincts are primal. During hunting (training in modern time), you do not feel either hunger or pain. But after the effort, the body begins to restore its reserves. Unfortunately, these days there are no obstacles to it other than a few steps from the sofa to the fridge.

In the evenings, I try to outsmart myself not only with fruits and vegetables (how many of them can you chew on!), but also by including low-calorie and high-protein cottage cheese or puddings in my snacks. It works great! So far the weight has been steadily decreasing, and the first four kilograms have gone. Some jackets that have been waiting in the wardrobe for a long time already fit again, and the trouser belt tightens nicely. During the darkest and gloomiest time of the year, I feel surprisingly energized.

P.S. “Everything good in this world is either illegal, immoral, or fattening.” The Complete Collection of Murphy’s Laws)

I don’t follow a very strict diet. According to MyFitness nutritionist and personal trainer Cätlyn Toomere, you still have to reward myself with something good from time to time. So it’s okay to have a treat every now and then, and I might have a few beers on the weekends. Did you know that a glass of beer has fewer calories than a glass of milk?! The difference in calorie intake is due to the fact that I don’t know anyone who knows anyone who drinks six-pack of milk in an evening. Not to mention all the food that usually follows the beer.

Author: Ivo Rull, cultural figure. Viimsi News


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