How can you work out so that it is fun and effective at the same time? There are many answers to this question, and Indrek will help you find the right one for you. He is an open-minded and attentive trainer who helps you achieve your goals with exciting and routine-free workouts, while being patient and ready to explain the exercises several times in order to establish the right technique. Special requests are welcome, training plans can be supplemented with special exercises for skiers, cyclists, rowers and others involved in endurance sports, and Indrek can also help you improve related techniques.
Indrek has completed the FAF (Fitness Academy of Finland) personal trainer course and achieved outstanding results in various sports. These include six gold medals as Estonian Champion in indoor rowing, first place in the international Alfa indoor rowing competition, a top-100 finish in the Tartu Marathon in 2018, four times overall victory in the Wattbike indoor bike series, first place in the Olümpia stair run and four times finishing Vasaloppet. As Indrek embodies the best possible combination of strength and endurance, he will help you to achieve this as well.

Personal training 7x 299.00
Personal training 1x 50.00
Group personal training 1x 81.00
Body composition analysis 15.00
Personal training 3x 135.00
Personaaltreening 3x sõbraga 177.00
Personaaltreening 7x sõbraga 392.00
Personaaltreening 1x sõbraga 65.00
Treeningprogramm 7X (1 inimese tasu 4-liikmelises grupis) 126.00
Treeningkava 50.00

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