In our new series on the MOVE blog, we introduce you to MyFitness personal trainers who are dedicated to promoting people’s well-being and providing positive training experiences. These are people with a sense of mission who want to inspire, create change and help achieve training goals. Their experience, skills and compassion will help you get started and stay consistent.

In today’s blog, we bring you inspiring thoughts from our wonderful personal trainer Britta Nool, who shares encouraging thoughts and wisdom on living a balanced life.

Britta, what inspired you to become a personal trainer?

After corona, I fell into a mental slump, which also affected my physical well-being. Like so many of us. Fortunately, I found my way back to physical activity, which, so to speak, hit pause after the birth of my children – as they say, “life got in the way.” It’s very easy to make excuses, isn’t it?

I felt like the training gave me a second wind; it reminded me of who I am and gave me back my mental stability, which in turn improved my physique. I understood that it is important to feel strong. So I realized that if I can change someone else’s life by offering support during training, then I could accomplish something big.

How would you describe yourself as a trainer?

I believe in keeping the training environment fun and supportive. I do not pretend to be a clown, but instead of taking myself or the situation too seriously, I find the opportunity to encourage and support the client in a suitable and caring environment.

Why should someone choose you as their personal trainer?

I am human like being everyone else; I understand and can recognize other people’s problems, insecurities and actions. I believe that I can offer clients a safe and pleasant training environment. It all starts with a positive self-image and self-belief, which results in all the blocks moving into place.

“I think it’s important to create a fun and supportive atmosphere I find the opportunity to encourage and support the client in a suitable and caring environment.”

MyFitness personal trainer

How do you get a client to exercise without using chocolate or confiscating their phone?

I sincerely hope that a person who comes to training wants to be there. Of course, sometimes it’s not easy to get there, but this is the most difficult part. My job is to make the workout effective and cool for participants and make them feel good when they leave. To feel that they outdid themselves and made it.

If you were a piece of training equipment, what would it be? Heavy disc or rubber band? Why?

I would probably rather be a rubber band – flexible enough and soft if needed, but if necessary, I provide resistance and ensure the load for development.

How do you motivate clients to achieve long-term goals and overcome difficult obstacles?

I like to remind myself and others that constant dropping wears away a stone. Let’s take it one day at a time, be kind to ourselves and celebrate the small victories. Even if some days you don’t feel like coming to training, it’s a win because you showed up and you’ll benefit more than if you stayed home.

“Today’s physical activity will ensure a brighter old age, when you can fully enjoy life and the world around you.”

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of the gym and how do they enrich your life?

My last year was quite turbulent, so most of my energy went into surviving, figuratively speaking. Hobbies as such are currently in hibernation, but the little free time that I have now is spent as much as possible with my family. In the summer I like to dig in the soil and mow the lawn.

How does going to the gym support your other daily hobbies and activities?

I happily carry my not-so-little children up and down the stairs every day (they can walk fine, but I probably want to do it myself more because at some point they will turn 16 and will no longer ask me to carry them down) and daily tasks that require strength do not make me wonder if I can be able to cope. It’s great when you’re strong.

What are your top three essentials for a long, healthy and happy life?

  • Surround yourself with people who feed your soul and to whom you can offer support and love.
  • Be kind to yourself and find at least one great thing about yourself to remind yourself of every day. You’ll soon find even more of them
  • Physical activity today will ensure a brighter old age, when you can fully enjoy life and the world around you.

Britta Nool, personaltrainer

Since her early teens, Britta has been interested in health, , and the body as a whole. She is convinced that physical health is inextricably linked to mental health. With the help of training, you can come out of any life challenge mentally and physically stronger and (again) find the way to yourself. Britta says she herself has become living proof of this and has found her calling in supporting others. Training brings self-confidence and makes it possible to overcome oneself, thereby providing visible results. Everything happens faster and more enjoyable if you train consistently, with motivation and fun! Let’s lay the foundation for the health of our golden years today!

If you want a fresh start to your journey, feel free to contact Britta via email and follow her activities on Instagram.

Come, let’s get strong together!



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