Autumn brings young people back to school, which in turn means a lot of sitting and less movement. However, an active lifestyle plays an important role in the development of young people. Youth trainer Anna-Liisa shares with us her thoughts on why training is especially important for every youngster.

1. Exercise is the best supporter of mental health.

We want our youth to be healthy, strong and able to cope independently in the future. Being young in the today’s world can sometimes be scary. Being young without self-confidence is even scarier.

Physical exercise improves a young person’s self-confidence and body image, not only because their body is in good shape, but especially because of improved mental health. Training is one of the best recipes for a good mood, which also translates into calmer family dynamics and healthy human relationships. The more balanced the youngster, the calmer the parent.

Being young in the today’s world can sometimes be scary. Being young without self-confidence is even scarier.

2. Develops youngster’s basic skills.

Physical training develops young people’s nervous system and brain-to-muscle communication. In turn, this develops all the basic skills of a youngster, such as coordination and balance.

Scientific evidence supports that children’s sport participation programs should focus on developing a wide range of skills. The goal is for children to have as many different positive experiences as possible before adolescence. You need to train according to your own development and develop your abilities and skills in an age-appropriate way. For this purpose, MyFitness offers special youth-oriented gym and group trainings.

3. Exercise helps reduce the risk of injury.

Youngsters will be youngsters and at some point they will get hurt. It is unavoidable. However, we can reduce this risk through strength training, which strengthens muscles, joints, bones and develops balance and coordination. All this creates a better quality of life for the future as well, which will allow us to remain independent even in old age.

4. Forming healthy habits through movement.

It comes as no surprise that healthier youngsters grow into healthier adults. Being a strong and healthy adult is a privilege that begins with habits formed at a young age. Youngsters get into the habit of going to the gym faster. In turn, the formation of habits is a prerequisite for a healthy and long life. “Being healthy” is not necessarily “natural” in modern world as fast food and a sedentary lifestyle are the norm. Therefore, today we have to learn to be healthy again, to learn through the habits that we acquire faster when we are young.

Being a strong and healthy adult is a privilege that begins with habits formed at a young age.

5. Exercise develops the social skills of young people.

In an age where a large part of our communication occurs through a screen, face-to-face communication has taken a backseat. One of the most important skills of a youngster is acting, thinking, and expressing themselves independently. We can give them the opportunity to do this by creating a supportive and safe environment. Training, whether in a group or with a private trainer, is one such opportunity. By training together, young people learn to develop all their social skills: communication with others, empathy, analyzing and solving problems, etc. With the help of these skills, the young person, together with the trainer, creates a safe environment in which lifelong habits are formed and can also be shared with others. Healthier youth, healthier world!

Anna-Liisa Sutt, personal and youth trainer MyFitness

Anna-Liisa Sutt, personal and youth trainer

Anna-Liisa has been involved in sports all her life – as a young athlete, professional volleyball player, coach, masseuse and consultant. As a personal trainer and volleyball coach, she carries all the values that various roles have offered her throughout her life.
Anna-Liisa remembers that as a coach she has a great responsibility, and therefore she is focused on the person as a whole, and not just on the shaping of the body or skills. It is important for her that her students are healthy both mentally and physically.

Her coaching goal is to create a safe environment for trainees where they can attack their weaknesses and develop their strengths through it. In addition to coaching, Anna-Liisa is also an experienced consultant and conducts trainings and seminars on eating disorders.

If you would like to start your journey from scratch, contact Anna-Liisa by email or follow her activities on Instagram.

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