In today’s article, I want to talk about the fantastic power of the decision. I want to show you how one decision will give you the answers and opportunities you need; how it fights fear and helps you write your epic story both in and outside of training.

The following 5 thoughts at some point came into everyone’s mind, forcing them to take a pause, worry or slow down in some other way. Instead of stopping abruptly, I want to give you the opportunity to move forward in a healthy and conscious way. All of the following has crossed my mind many times, including during professional sports and 14 years of eating disorder. I know very well the power of one definite decision: the ability to break or the ability to create.

This is for you if you are just thinking about training, a beginner, advanced, experienced athlete, or collecting your thoughts before making a vital decision. This is for everyone who has ever said to themselves:

1. “I don’t know how and where to start”

And this is totally ok! Once you’ve made a decision, it means you’ve chosen to change something in your life. At first, the question “how” is not the most important. The decision itself means that you have given yourself control and responsibility. At the same time, it means getting rid of the situation when you feel that you are constantly rotating in the orbits of other people and situations, not being able to change anything on your own. We, coaches and consultants, appreciate your big step towards the choice that led to this decision! We will help you answer the “how” questions. The decision will help you find the answers!

2. “I’m afraid to start”

And this is totally ok! We all started from scratch at some point, not knowing exactly what and how. Fear shows the importance of the decision, shows that it is worth trying! Behind the fear there are always opportunities that you don’t yet know about. With new and healthy habits, you automatically create new tools to fight fear! This, in turn, gives you the freedom to try and do whatever you want without spending too much time and energy on fear itself. We, coaches and consultants, are here to help you deal with your fears and find and test your strengths. The decision supports the possibilities hidden behind fear!

3. “I have no motivation”

And this is totally ok! Motivation comes and goes, it is never constant. Motivation plays a big role in decision making. It can be created by both internal and external forces. Building and strengthening habits is what propels you forward. Once a decision has been made, opportunities arise. We, trainers and consultants, are here to help you develop habits that improve your quality of life. The decision supports motivation and habits!

4. “I don’t know what to do next”

And this is totally ok! This situation is quite usual: you have given up old habits, but have not yet learned new ones. This is a new territory where the old rules no longer apply. At times like this, you ask yourself: is MY decision supported by what I am doing today? If so, then you know exactly how to proceed. You don’t need to know what you haven’t learned. We, trainers and consultants, are ready to support you with our professional knowledge. The solution provides the answers you need!

5. “I’m afraid to be wrong”

And this is totally ok! The decision is accompanied by goals, actions and new solutions. Some are better than others. It is human nature to make mistakes, and this (drum roll) is even encouraged. As coaches and consultants, we want to create a safe environment where you are not punished, judged or criticized for mistakes. On the contrary, we welcome mistakes, learn from them and fix them together. The decision welcomes mistakes!

We welcome your decision, your questions, your fears, your mistakes, your joys and courage to share them. We are glad to welcome you personally! We encourage you to write YOUR own story that is epic. Contact us and let’s start creating it!

Anna-Liisa has been involved in sports all her life; she has gone from a young athlete to a professional volleyball player, coach, massage therapist and consultant. As a personal trainer and volleyball coach, she brings together all the values she learned in her various roles throughout her life. Find out more and contact us.

⦾ Author: Anna-Liisa Sutt.

⦾ Personal trainer, volleyball coach, consultant and author of her own epic story.

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