Why the strength training is good for you, too?

Personal trainer Kadri Paat

Our very active and clear-eyed Kadri talks in detail about strength training. What are the benefits of strength training for body and mind, and is strength training no longer just for men?

How is strength training useful?

Strength training is beneficial on many levels. Mindful strength training can improve body proportions and at the same time alter a person’s overall physical performance. The very name of strength training says a lot – by exercising, we get stronger! At the same time, as a result of consistent and progressive strength training, positive changes occur in the body in the form of an increase in muscle mass. When exercise is combined with a diet with the correct calorie intake, the result is a better looking and toned body. Strength training improves overall tone, posture, balance and mobility, and when practiced in a mindful and individual way, it is also very effective in relieving a lot of chronic diseases and pain. Strength training can work as a “cure” for many people who are suffering from depression, stress, or other medical conditions.

Does it help you lose weight?

In the case of weight loss, we must consider calorie expenditure vs. energy gained from calories. To lose weight, we need to use more calories than we get from food. Strength training effectively shapes the body and gives us the proportions we want, and increases the number of calories we can eat per day if we consciously and consistently maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, no amount of exercise alone will help you lose weight. In order to lose weight, you must also review your diet. If the amount of calories you get from food exceeds your daily energy intake, no amount of exercise will help you lose weight.

Why include strength training in your plan rather than just running, for example?

It all depends on the purpose of the person. Cardio can also help you lose weight if it provides higher calorie expenditure than you get from food. However, simply by losing weight in a calorie deficit, a person with a pear shaped figure, for example, is more likely to simply become a smaller “pear” as they lose weight.

As a personal trainer, I recommend maintaining exercise versatility if the goal is to reduce weight while improving body proportions (such as the shape of the thighs, arms, shoulders, etc.). Losing weight will definitely make your body slimmer, but strength training is the perfect icing on the cake that makes us stronger, depending on the program or plan, improves overall body feeling, strength values, and gives us beautiful body proportions.

Is strength training only suitable for men?

Of course, this is an outdated stereotype. I dare say that strength training is extremely beneficial for both women and men. If we can consistently perform well-designed strength workout in our training program, we can be confident that our bones and joints will be stronger, our cardiovascular system will become stronger, and we will have more years of healthy life. Strength training also gives us the ability to carry out our daily tasks with ease – be it cleaning, carrying shopping bags, or climbing stairs. Strength training is certainly great for shaping the body, and fears that it makes women too muscular are completely unfounded. After all, we go to the gym to get the best physical shape and pleasant well-being, regardless of gender. 😊


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