Autumn is the time when, after the summer holidays, gyms and group trainings are once again full of people eager to get back into the fall workout routine. In recent years, cardio workouts with a special concept are gaining more and more popularity – in addition to exercise, entertainment plays an important role. MyFitness training manager Eva Ottas and Kristiine shopping centre’s marketing and communication manager Helina Leif share their thoughts on special trainings – what is special training and can it be considered as healthy entertainment?

Training as a duty

“Unfortunately, many people perceive exercising as hard work, but training can be viewed as a hobby – each of us has a choice to watch TV at home, sit with a friend in a cafe or instead go to a training where you can feel good and spend time usefully. In fact, you can also come to the gym to socialize with friends.

. This is where training with a special concept comes into play; it is preferred for its excitement and comfort – thanks to the instructions of the trainer, the brain can be turned off for a while. The gym requires a bit of knowledge and planning, how, what, why and how much to do; but the special training concept is designed to achieve good shape, taking into account the main problem of modern people – lack of time,” said Eva.

Both group training and the gym have their own trainers and target group, but lack of time is often cited as the reason for skipping a workout. “When you come to group training, you don’t have to think through a training plan yourself, the workout lasts about an hour, it is built on effective exercises, and the bonus is an inspiring trainer and good music,” Eva describes the benefits of a special training. Plus, when training alone, it’s easy to tell yourself that’s enough for today. But leaving a fun group workout too early is not so easy.

There is great interest in training with a special concept

The popularity of special training was also confirmed during the recent Health Week at the Kristiine Keskus, when shopping centre conducted special training outside of opening hours. “The selection of trainings included running training in the centre, HIIT workouts, yoga, Fusion Pilates and Nike Training Club dance workouts. Each workout had its own tricks and was carried out by specialist trainers,” says Helina Leif, marketing and communications manager of the Kristiine centre.

People want to combine exercise with entertainment.

As part of the Kristiine Health Week, sports fans had the opportunity to exercise both on the rooftop parking lot, in the atrium and in the corridor of the centre. “The special workouts created a buzz among people, and we are glad that the interest in such workouts was so great that the spots filled up in a matter of minutes, people wanted to combine training with entertainment,” adds Helina.

Everyone can choose their own load during training

Due to the growing interest in special training, in addition to Les Mills and MyFitness concept trainings, the schedule includes boutique training: Studio X, BOXBOX and Fusion Pilates. “The latter is one of the most popular workouts in our sports club,” confirms Eva and adds that all workouts with a special concept are well received by the members and are quite different – everyone can find a suitable one. Beginners are advised to try group training, where both music and a trainer help to keep motivation up.”


Special concept workouts are often classic workouts with some fun elements added. “Studio X is based on the principle of interval training, is based on cardio training with boxing punches, and Fusion Pilates is based on muscle training with Pilates exercises on Reformers. Cardio training doesn’t have to be just a run on a treadmill: while in the Studio X workouts short runs are varied with exercises, in the BOXBOX workout you can do cardio training by boxing without noticing it,” Eva explained.

Beginners are advised to try group training, where both music and a trainer help to keep motivation up.

Gone are the days when you had to keep up with others in training: “Each participant performs exercises according to his capabilities and by making an effort. For example, if one trainee lifts 100 kg, which is heavy for him, and another lifts 10 kg, which is heavy for him, then both of them will actually receive the necessary load for their body.”

Today, Fusion Pilates is only possible in the MyFitness Kristiine club. From October 4, you can also attend Pilates training at the MyFitness Viru club. We look forward to it!


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