Fusion Pilates workouts have been added to the MyFitness schedule! What kind of workout is it, why is it good and for whom – Eva Ottas, MyFitness’ workout manager, tells us all about it.

What is Fusion Pilates?

This is a group training in a special studio where the best Reformer Pilates exercises are combined with fitness workout, especially stretching and bending. It is a full body workout that ensures a beautiful posture and toned muscles.

Today, Fusion Pilates is only available in the MyFitness Kristiine club; Reformer Pilates group trainings are not available in other Estonian.

Who is this workout for?

This workout is for everyone! There are no jumps on the floor or increased heart rate. It is especially suitable for those who have knee problems that make it difficult to find a suitable workout.

Since the workout includes a lot of stretching, it offers good exercise and relief for people with a sedentary lifestyle. Stretching can relieve back and shoulder tension.

Fusion Pilates is a group workout, so you can’t get a real 1:1 approach and personal training in the group; but the number of participants in each workout is limited, so it’s convenient for the trainer to observe each participant and guide if necessary.

What should you keep in mind when coming to a Fusion Pilates workout?

If this is the first time, then a good mood, open mind and a bottle of refreshing water are enough. All fears and doubts can be safely left at the door. At first, any new workout is unfamiliar and you don’t have to do something perfectly right away – that is why the trainer stands in front of the group and shows all the exercises, helps and guides if necessary.

It is very important to arrive on time for this training, because latecomers, unfortunately, are not allowed into the studio. This training concept requires the entire group to start together and perform the workout at the same pace. Therefore, I recommend to arrive at least 5 minutes before the training, find a suitable spot in the studio and prepare for the start of the workout.

You have to wear comfortable training clothes, either the ones you usually wear to the gym or group training, or simply comfortable and loose sportswear.

When exercising, you must wear socks – either regular or with rubber soles. This workout is not performed in sports shoes or barefoot.

What makes this workout different from other Pilates classes at MyFitness?

We are also very excited, because this is a completely new training both in the Baltics and among our closest neighbours. None of the clubs in our neighbouring countries offer Reformer Pilates group trainings. We are thrilled to be pioneers in the fitness industry again and really hope that our members and visitors will warmly welcome our new workout.

The MyFitness club schedule also includes classic Pilates classes, which are performed on the floor on a mat using the classic Pilates method. However, Fusion Pilates uses a Reformer, i.e. a Pilates machine, and in addition, the workout is accompanied by pleasant music and a rather intense pace.

Where did you get the idea to bring Reformer Pilates group training to Estonia?

Reformer Pilates is a current hot trend in the fitness world, and of course MyFitness wants to offer the latest workouts to its members. So it was only a matter of time before Reformer Pilates became part of our schedule. MyFitness has good gyms, great group workouts, special concepts Studio X and BOXBOX. We were missing only one full-body workout that didn’t require a fast heart rate, was suitable for everyone, and helped to achieve beautiful posture. And now we have it in the form of Fusion Pilates.

The idea was also fuelled by our desire to bring Pilates closer to people and make it more accessible than it is today in Estonia.

Developing a new concept is a long process. It started with our team visiting almost every training studio in Europe offering Reformer Pilates or a specific Pilates concept. We tested different workouts, tried different reformers. Eventually, we combined all this experience with our own ideas and created our own concept – the unique Fusion Pilates.

Is it a body & mind class – is it more of a relaxing stretch or a muscle workout?

This is muscle training. There will be stretching, but you will also have to work hard and exercise. There is a strength training in the schedule, i.е. black colour. The “mind” part is not missing from the training either – during the 50 minutes of this workout, you can focus only on yourself. This is a good opportunity to devote some time to yourself. Like classic Pilates, Fusion Pilates requires full concentration during the training session, so all distracting everyday worries and thoughts stay behind the doors during this class.

What does Fusion Pilates mean?

We do not offer classic Pilates, but we combine classic Pilates exercises with fitness exercises and together we get Fusion Pilates.

Pilates is an exercise system created in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, after whom this exercise also got its name. Joseph Pilates sought to create a new training concept that would strengthen not only the body but also the mind. In the 1990s, Pilates became known to the general public and was popularized by pop stars.

Who are the trainers for this new workout?

The trainers are already familiar to MyFitness members: Gea Simson, Mihkel Vabrit, Jekaterina Irvanets, Marge Nõmmik, Eva Ottas, Veronika Granjova, Elliko Väljur and Kristi Sipra and Triinu Malv, who have already established themselves as excellent new trainers. All trainers are certified by PeakPilates FitCore Reformer.


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