Some time ago we wrote about two of our members, Emily and Lisella, who began their journey in the gym under the guidance of a personal trainer. In the previous post, we covered how the girls’ workouts with the trainer went, but that was just the beginning of the process. After training together, MyFitness personal trainer Virdžinja Nargla put together a plan for independent training for the girls. Let’s ask them how things are going with independent training and how the trainer evaluates the whole process?

How has the independent training period gone?

“We’ve been going to the gym without a trainer for a month now, and you can say that I already feel quite at home.. The first 1-2 times I felt a little insecure. I was used to someone watching from the side and helping if necessary. This opinion quickly changed, and now I feel great,” Lisella explains in more detail.

“Now I feel a lot more confident in the gym, many of the machines are more familiar and you know what to look for when exercising.” Emily

Emily adds: “The first time I trained on my own, I was a little lost. I had questions about the difficulties of this or that machine or where you can change the equipment. I was already used to Virdžinja helping to prepare everything.”

What helped you stick with your workouts?

Based on the girls’ goals, the trainer prepared a plan to guide independent training. “Before I sent Lisella and Emily to the gym with the plan, we discussed it together and went through a full round of Q&A. I also gave them some room to play with a plan in case any machines were occupied or they accidentally visited the gym during the busiest time of the day. That way you won’t have to stand idle and you’ll be able to avoid a situation where it’s unclear what to do next,” said trainer Virdžinja.

“I love that I can just open the plan and start working out at my own pace. From time to time, Emily and I can compare notes and joke, and motivate each other so that neither of us gives up. It’s a great motivator when the trainer isn’t around,” Lisella shares.

What did the process look like from the outside?

“From time to time, girls still send me photos in our chat about how they train and what their emotions are. It’s great! This way I can constantly guide them and adjust the training load if necessary. Plus, this way they still stay connected and get quick answers to any questions they might have. The girls did a good job with their independent training!” – trainer Virdžinja summed up.

“That’s the magic of strength training–the consistent steps that will keep you fit and healthy ten or twenty years from now. The fact that energy levels and body image change along with this is another big plus. In addition to taking care of your well-being!” – trainer Virdžinja

“When it comes to training, independence in the gym is just as important as joint training – this means that the clients can follow a given plan on their own and, if necessary, seek help to improve the nuances. Depending on the goals and success of the client, it is necessary to make changes to the training plan or methodology even during independent training. Ideally, the interval could be changed every month or two depending on the level of training as the body gets used to and adapts to the workout load. This is how we can ensure consistent development and success in training. This is also the basis for what should be given even more conscious attention in the future,” added trainer Virdžinja.

MyFitness personaaltreener Virdzinja Nargla

Virdžinja Nargla, personal trainer

Find out about Trainer Virdžinja’s current training programs and join today! The program gives you the opportunity to find similar travel companions and work out twice a week with a trainer and group mates, all while focusing on your diet and achieving your best feeling ever.

The trainer especially recommends joining the group for people who have previously avoided exercise equipment. Virdžinja adds, “By getting to know the machines with the group and increasing the load each week, you’ll find that the gym is actually a really cool place to be!”

If you want a fresh start to your journey, feel free to contact Virdžinja via e-mail and follow her activities on Instagram.

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