Starting personal training and finding the right personal trainer is one of the most challenging steps in the beginning. MyFitness members Lisella and Emily started their strength training journey in October under the guidance of personal trainer Virdžinja Nargla. Let’s take a closer look at how the first meeting with the trainer went, how to understand if the trainer is right for you, what the journey to independent training looks like and what the first successes in the gym were.

How do you know if the trainer is right for you?

At our first meeting, we got to know the trainer better. We discussed what our goals are and what to focus on after 2-3 months. Virdžinja shared a lot of information about training, routine and workout schedule. We got a clear idea of what the training would look like and agreed on the first sessions.

“Already after our first meeting, our mutual emotions and similarities resonated – it felt like meeting an old friend,” says Lisella.

“Before starting any training, I think it is important to first meet with the client face-to-face. This gives me confidence that I am the right trainer to guide the client based on the desired goals. I think this could be one of the most important things for both the trainer and the client. All further cooperation with the trainer depends solely on our mutual trust, and therefore it is especially important that both parties feel peace of mind in this regard,” Virdžinja commented on the proposal to simply meet first. “This is how I start with most of my clients!”

What is personal training with a friend?

“Personal training with a friend is essentially the same as personal training. When creating a training plan, I base it on the goals of both participants individually, but I try to keep the workout as fun and compact as possible. Joint workouts allow you to perform couple exercises that will help keep the mood up. Of course, this is also a cheaper way to start training.

Emotions and a good atmosphere are a great reason to choose personal training with a friend. The workout is fun, but at the same time effective, because in addition to chatting and good emotions, the training is built according to a specific plan. The trainer monitors the process, so the balance of work and fun is not disturbed. Moreover, thanks to this, the results will not remain an unattainable dream,” said trainer Virdžinja about personal training.

How was the first meeting with the trainer?

“At the first meeting, I wanted to learn more about the girls’ abilities and bodies. We went through some basic exercise patterns and I also tested their strength. Body composition analysis is a good way to get feedback about your body as well as the effectiveness of your workouts. Analyzing body composition alone is not enough to achieve changes; you have to put in the work, and then after some time it will be possible to compare the numbers,” trainer Virdžinja recalls the first training session.

What does the path to independent training look like?

“What I like about joint training is that we are together even in those difficult moments that arise from time to time. If things seem very difficult and overwhelming at first, we can give each other motivation and courage. It’s also more fun to train together – during training you can have a lot of fun and spend time together, which is very important with the fast pace of life,” Lisella shares her impressions of training with Emily.

“Working out together gives you so much more energy during your training, even if you start your workout at 8 a.m. with zero energy or motivation,” Emily.

Emily adds about her positive experience: “Of course, as beginners, we have fun bantering with each other as we bewilderedly try out new machines and try to master the technique. In addition, Virdžinja is able to focus on both of us for an hour, and not once did it feel like either of us was being neglected. Rather, the trainer monitors us both equally and gives us both enormous extra energy.

MyFitness personaaltreener Virdzinja Nargla

Virdžinja Nargla, personal trainer

Find out about Trainer Virdžinja’s current training programs and join today! The program gives you the opportunity to find similar travel companions and work out twice a week with a trainer and group mates, all while focusing on your diet and achieving your best feeling ever.

The trainer especially recommends joining the group for people who have previously avoided exercise equipment. Virdžinja adds, “By getting to know the machines with the group and increasing the load each week, you’ll find that the gym is actually a really cool place to be!”

If you want a fresh start to your journey, feel free to contact Virdžinja via e-mail and follow her activities on Instagram.

The beginning is just one step away!


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