Summer is the time of vacations, thus many find themselves in a situation where exercise faded into the background. With the onset of autumn, it’s time to head back to the gym, but getting back on track and training consistently is difficult. Here are some tips to help you create or maintain a fresh workout routine.

  1. It is very important that you enjoy your workouts. In this way, training becomes not an unpleasant duty, but an opportunity to occupy your time, create good health, and also achieve your fitness goals.
  2. If you have been away from the gym for a long time, be sure to start training calmly. The body needs time to adapt to the changes, and therefore the whole process will be more pleasant for you. Remember that even a little is better than nothing! Initially, find at least 2-3 days a week for your workouts or movement that you enjoy. Training does not have to be long, 30-40 minutes is enough.
  3. Mark certain days for your workouts. This will make it impossible for you to postpone it. You will get more help from the trainer who will set up a training plan that meets your goals and takes into account your capabilities. During training, the trainer is there to support and motivate you.
  4. If the good weather is not yet calling you to the gym, move outdoors instead. Develop the habit of moving at a certain time – this will make it much easier for you to return to training.
  5. Set a reasonable goal and move towards it wisely. Sustainable change takes time, so be patient and give yourself time. Another helpful method is finding an accountability partner to exercise. In this way, there is no temptation to skip training, and once again, there is motivational support by your side. What could be better than pursuing goals with a friend?

Kristel Rebane

Kristel has been involved in sports all her life. She started dancing in kindergarten. At school, in addition to dancing, she was also involved in athletics, swimming and tennis. Already in elementary school, she began attending the gym in addition to athletics and almost immediately realized that fitness was her great passion. During her sports career, Kristel encountered several injuries and overtraining, which has taught her a lot both as a former athlete and as a coach. She has acquired a bachelor’s degree in sports sciences at the Tartu University of Tartu. Her great desire is to help people achieve their goals in the smartest way possible, and to ensure that they are not only in better shape but also in better health.

If you want a fresh start to your journey, feel free to contact Kristel on Instagram or by e-mail at  The start is just one decision away!



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