In this edition of the MOVE Blog on IRONMAN 70.3, we’ll introduce our teams. We have assembled 3 teams that have set themselves a common goal to overcome distances in their sports. Let’s also take a closer look at how they are doing with their preparations and how participation in a triathlon changes their training. If you are thinking of participating in a triathlon on your own, we will share with you 5 recommendations and tips on how to prepare for a triathlon competition.

On August 6, the IRONMAN 70.3 European Championship will take place. The triathlon competition will start with a 1.9 km swim in Lake Harku, continue with a 90 km cycling course that will take participants from the capital through suburbs and then through the city to the Rocca al Mare shopping centre. The triathlon will end with the 21.1 km half marathon run, which consists of two laps through the streets of the capital. IRONMAN 70.3 in Tallinn is also the distance of the Estonian triathlon championship.

Team 1: MyFitness Gasellid

Line-up: Laura-Lotte Varvas, Raivo Nõmm, Alvar Pruul

The team of MyFitness trainers are flying high with fresh energy and youthful enthusiasm. The running distance will be completed by Alvar, who just recently also became a MyFitness personal trainer. With a strong background in judo and running competitions, he chose the field in which he feels the strongest. “To achieve my goal (run the distance in 1 hour 20 minutes), I run at least 3 times a week and work on my running time. However, if you focus on improving your running, it will reduce the amount of strength training per week,” Alvar says of his training. Raivo has been associated with MyFitness sports clubs for almost 8 years; he will ride the bike. Raivo came on as a replacement for a buddy at a spinning group workout and still replaces him to this day. Raivo is participating in Ironman for the third year already, and this time the goal is not to be the weakest link in the team.

Laura-Lotte, who is participating in the Ironman competition for the second year, will swim the distance in Lake Harku. About competing, she says, “I think Ironman is an event to enjoy to the fullest, including all the turmoil around, empathy, as well as sports drive. Laura-Lotte does not change much in terms of training, but in addition to regular training, she has to start accumulating kilometres in the water. To begin with, it was necessary to regain the feeling of water in training in the pool. Later, she added swimming in open water. She says:”You have to remember the sense of direction, as a correction of last year’s mistakes, I want to cover the distance as straight as possible.”

Team 2: MyFitness Sunnyside

Line-up: Pavel Borovkov, Marek Kõiv, Polina Mattisen

Active trainers Pavel, Marek and Polina vare also preparing to participate in the Ironman competition. Their inner motivation and determination will surely lead to success. Pavel has delighted MyFitness members for 14 years; he will also compete in the swimming distance at Lake Harku this year. Spinning trainer Marek can often be seen spinning both on the road and in competitions; he will ride outside the capital. The half-marathon will be run by Polina, who aims to complete the full distance of the Tallinn Marathon in September.

Tiim 3: MyFit Boys

Koosseis: Pjotr Degtjarjov, Indrek Viska, Kristjan Maasik

Masculine strength and energy is provided by our third team. Pjotr is one of the best swimmers in Estonia, who holds several past and current records and moves through the water with powerful strokes. At the start of 90 kilometres bicycle race we will see Indrek, who has been cycling for 9 years and won the Estonian championship in the Senior 1 age group in the road race in 2016.

Running distance will be covered by Kristjan, who has plenty of experience, both as a gym and personal trainer as well as a physical education teacher. ”I rather like to try as many different areas as possible and to be active in general. Life is a game and I like to play,” admits Kristjan. He has previous experience with half-marathons, and now the focus is more on running training, which definitely helps to participate in triathlons. Due to a recent sports injury, some changes had to be made in the preparation and recovery schedule to get back in shape and ready to hit the track by race day. Because of the injury, Kristjan asks an orthopaedist and a physiotherapist for advice on the best way to recover from the injury and works to come back even stronger.

5 recommendations and advice for triathlon competition preparation:

  1. Gradual increase of the training load: start with a training program that gradually increases intensity and duration. Build a strong foundation in endurance and then add the necessary workouts for swimming, cycling or running.
  2. Balanced load and recovery: Be sure to push yourself during every workout, but also allow yourself enough rest and recovery days. This helps to avoid overload and reduces the risk of injury.
  3. Mental preparation: develop mental endurance through the power of imagination, this allows you to establish in your mind what results you want to achieve. By imagining a successful performance first in your mind’s eye, you will also successfully repeat it in real life. Visualize success, set realistic goals and practice positive inner monologue. Mental endurance plays an important role in competition; it helps with focus and motivation even when you face challenges.
  4. Nutrition: pay close attention to proper nutrition and water consumption during training. If necessary, consult a nutritionist to compose a balanced diet that meets your energy needs and nutrients. The race day nutrition plan can be practiced in longer training sessions.
  5. Re-enact the competition conditions: imitate the terrain, distances and conditions of the competition course as accurately as possible. It helps to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the competition and also boosts your confidence.

It should be remembered that everyone’s training journey is different. Our personal trainers in MyFitness, can also give advice and help you on this journey.

Each Ironman 70.3 participant has set his own goals and found an opportunity to challenge himself. The hard preparatory work is required in order to be present on the track, to start with a certain goal and to be able to do your best. It is exciting to follow the journey of different people, and it can also inspire you to take on this challenge. Our participants are still preparing and in a few weeks we will be able to see how they will do in their field. We look forward to it!


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