Spring has arrived, and although the weather is slowly getting warmer, many of us are experiencing a lack of energy. The long dark season has exhausted our spirits, and the vitamin supply accumulated last summer has also run out. Therefore, in the spring, many of us may experience extreme fatigue and weakness or even absent-mindedness. At the same time, the immune system weakened by vitamin deficiency is more susceptible to various infections, which tend to spread rapidly in the spring.

Here are 5 tips to help you deal with spring fatigue and replenish your energy reserves.

1. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your menu

You have probably noticed that berry stalls have reappeared in the city landscapes. Use this opportunity to replenish your vitamin C reserves with fresh strawberries and blueberries. Eating fresh berries rich in vitamin C is good for our immune system as well as our skin and hair.
Each of us should follow the recommendations of the Institute for Health Development and eat 5 handfuls of fruits and vegetables a day. However, let’s remember that local fruits and vegetables that ripen in late spring and summer are especially rich in vitamins, thus spring and summer are the perfect time to eat the freshest produce.

2. Improve your health with a vitamin course

Although a healthy diet can help prevent vitamin deficiencies, strawberries alone are not enough in case of more severe deficiency. The two most important vitamins in the fight against spring fatigue are vitamins D and C. Vitamin C is especially important during the spring season; in combination with zinc it supports the normal and efficient functioning of the immune system, since vitamin C helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion, and zinc supports normal cognitive function.
Another important vitamin for the effective functioning of the immune system is definitely vitamin D. It is well known that after a long dark winter most people in Estonia lack vitamin D. Vitamin D3 helps maintain normal bone and dental health, promotes the absorption and use of calcium in the body. Among other things, vitamin D3 supports the normal functioning of muscles and should be included in the nutritional supplements of every sports fan.

3. Spend as much time as possible outdoors

In sunny weather, it is worth replenishing your vitamin D reserves outdoors. Exercising for half an hour in the fresh air will help improve blood circulation of the brain and relieve stress. Fresh air also improves sleep quality and strengthens our immune system.

4. Remain physically active

Remember to keep moving even when the weather is not the best. Physical activity doesn’t mean running or walking. Try working out in the gym with a personal trainer, or test different group trainings. Movement is one of the cornerstones of mental health and helps us better cope with stressful times. It should be noted here that there is no right or wrong movement. It is important that everyone finds a workout that they enjoy and can do regularly.

5. If possible, take a break and spend time with loved ones

If all of the above is done but spring fatigue is still lingering, then it is quite appropriate to take a break and let your body rest. Although spring fatigue is largely caused by the lack of vitamins, our mental health also plays a big role. A long period of darkness and disturbing news are fertile ground for stress. While regular exercise and a healthy diet help us cope better with stress, sometimes we need to take a break and spend time with our loved ones.

Cätlyn Toomere

As a personal trainer, Cätlyn combines her two main passions – gym training and helping people. Cätlyn believes that conscious training and proper nutrition can be part of everyone’s lifestyle, so she goes out of her way to share her knowledge with clients. Being active also plays a very important role in good mental health, but getting there can be tricky. A clear plan and consistent work will lead to the realization of your dream – come and train with Cätlyn and reach your goals!

Phone: +372 5302 5710


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