In September, we held three health days cooperation with large companies ABB and Postimees Grupp. Health Day is growing in popularity and is one of several MyFitness’ services that employers can use to guide their employees towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. Employees are the biggest asset of every employer!

Purpose of Health Day

The purpose of Health Day is to introduce the possibilities of MyFitness sports clubs and promote a healthy lifestyle. The health days were of a similar nature: our trainers gave lectures on health and exercise topics, and everyone could do a body composition analysis. Body composition analysis provides an informative overview of what is happening in the body, from basic information (weight, height, etc.) to more specific indicators (muscle mass, fat percentage, biological age, etc.). The popularity of the analysis has exceeded expectations, which shows that people are interested in information about their health. At the same time, body composition analysis is a reference point allowing us to measure the results of training progress over time.

Health day at ABB’s headquarters and engine and generator factory

The first health day at ABB was led by our head of gym and personal training, Kadri Paat, and the second one by personal trainer Virdžinja Nargla. As part of the day, body composition was measured, which gave a good picture of the state of the body. Along with the trainer’s explanations, it became clear what needs to be done to improve the condition of the body. The health lecture covered exercise, focused on nutrition and gave an overview of how to take care of your body during long working days. During the lecture, the employees received useful tips and advice on a healthier diet, and some discovered that they needed to move significantly more on a daily basis.

The popularity of the analysis has exceeded expectations, and this shows that people are interested in information about their health.

ABB assistant manager Kadri Raudsepp said: “MyFitness is definitely one of the favourite sports clubs of ABB employees as it is the largest clubs of sports clubs in Estonia with clubs located in different regions of Estonia and Tallinn, offering various training opportunities with the best trainers in their field. ABB employees were very pleased with the health day!”

Health day at Postimees head office

The health day at Postimees was led by personal trainer Monika Kahro eestvedamisel. Monika’s lecture was based on her own rather complex experience, which was easy for the audience to relate to. Postimees recruitment specialist Anna-Liisa Ruukholm said about the health day: “Trainer Monika captivated with her story without offending anyone. People often have a lot of complexes about their body and their physical shape. The Health day lecture confirmed that anything is possible if you just decide to take your first step.”

The Health day lecture confirmed that anything is possible if you just decide to take your first step.

Three reasons why your company could also organize a health day:

  1. Support physical and mental health – a healthy mind in a healthy body.
  2. A healthy employee is more productive and happier.
  3. An active lifestyle increases willpower and focus.

Health day is one of the many services we offer to companies. We also organized office gymnastics, group and gym training for teams. Find out more and contact us on our business client page >


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