MyFitness CrossTraining competition is back!

MyFitness CrossTraining Competition vol III takes place in the newly opened CrossTraining area of MyFitness Rocca al Mare. For the first time, it is a competition for doubles, meaning you and your partners have to perform certain amount of exercises in the shortest possible time! You can choose your partner yourself, there is no age limit! But your partner must be of the same sex as you! Competition will be held 23.03.19, from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 20.00. Participation is FREE for MyFitness members, 5 Euros for non-members.

When: 23.03.19
Where: MyFitness Rocca al Mare, new CrossTraining area
What time: 10.00-13.00 competition; 13.00-14:00 pause; 14.00-20.00 competition
Participation fee: 5 Euros for non-members, FREE for members
Registration: open until 21.03.19, competitors’ starting times will be announced on the website 22.03.19.

There are no age groups; the competition is for doubles only (partners chosen by participants). There are separate competitions for male and female doubles. Mixed pairs are not taken into account. MyFitness trainers attend off-record.

Competition’s exercises:

  1. Rowing for 5 minutes (10 calories per person before the change). 1 minute break.
  2. Bench press for 5 minutes (men 30 kg barbell, women 15 kg barbell). 1 minute break.
  3. Draw a rope with a plate 10 meters, 5 minutes (men 20 kg, women 15 kg), 10 meters per person at each turn. Full-length repetitions are taken into account; half-way draws do not count. 1 minute break.
  4. Squats with barbell until touching the ball (men 25 kg barbell, women 15 kg barbell), 10 reps per person at each turn. 1 minute break.
  5. Wall ball (men 12 kg, women 6kg), 10 reps per person before the change. 

The result score includes points for the calories, repetitions, and drawn lengths.
Videos of the competition exercises will soon be published on the website of the event.
Check out the previous CrossTraining competitions’ galleries here.

Competition supporters: Eesti Draamateater, Rahva Raamat, Nike, BodyLab



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