We are very happy to announce that MyFitness sports clubs have been reopened according to the summer opening hours.

We have done several repairs and cleaning work in the clubs so that it would be comfortable and safe for you to return to training. Our trainers have completed a series of internal seminars and are ready to provide you with even more efficient and higher quality classes.

To ensure safe training, we’ve made some changes:

  • equipped clubs with sufficient disinfectants
  • put even more focus on cleaning
  • provided markings in the club to help maintain a safe distance
  • restricted the use of cash
  • limited the number of participants in group trainings
  • added shorter group trainings to the schedule

We kindly ask you to:

  • keep safe distance from other visitors on all the premises of the club
  • disinfect training equipment BEFORE and AFTER training
  • wash hands thoroughly and often
  • use a training towel in EVERY WORKOUT
  • come to the club when you are healthy and well

Our NETFIT training environment will also remain open, and we will soon add outdoor workouts to the schedule.

Membership agreements have been activated automatically resumed from May 18 when the clubs reopened.

More information about the club’s rules of conduct and special reopening rules can be found here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your home club manager or customer service.

In case You are not member of MyFitness sports clubs yet, then until 30.06 You can join free of charge here


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