The YOUNG & STRONG program is a junior gym workout.

The junior training at the YOUNG & STRONG gym is about to begin its new year’s program for 12-15 years old teenagers. Now is the right time to review how our first training program went and what teens themselves think about workouts. For four weeks, the teens participated in classes with MyFitness personal trainers Genes-David Pikani and Laura-Lisa Sööt and trained at the MyFitness Viru club. Our new program starts on January 10; this time with two different groups in the MyFitness Viru and MyFitness Mustamäe clubs.

How did YOUNG & STRONG program begin?

The idea behind the program started with more and more young people showing interest in gym trainings, and the goal of the program is to teach young people to work out safely and with purpose from an early age. Over the course of four weeks, teens focus on learning a variety of basic exercises in the gym. Each training class focuses on exercise technique and introduces a variety of gym equipment.


How did the junior training go?

The teenagers were very enthusiastic about every workout. It was great to see how they developed in training throughout the entire period. Youngsters are excellent at learning instructions and are surprisingly interested in learning new exercises. In four weeks, the training group had enough time to build up a very good energy, and training was always held in a very fun and positive atmosphere.



What do teens themselves say about the workout program?

  • “I chose the YOUNG & STRONG program because I decided to quit handball trainings and needed an alternative. The workouts were very fun and great and I would definitely advise other teens to take part in this program. The program has excellent trainers and participants, and the workouts are fun.” Mark, 13.
  • “I wanted to train and get stronger. I still like the workouts a lot, the trainings are very cool! I recommend others to give it a try, because it is so great here and it feels so good after training. At each workout you feel that you have achieved something great.” Mia, 12.
  • “My mom sent me to the YOUNG & STRONG program so that I could play sports. I really like this program, I will definitely continue this year, too. I advise others to join this year. Great company, super trainers and great workouts.” Brita-Liisa, 14.
  • “I wanted to work out in the gym, so I came here. The program is excellent, I really like it. Such great trainers and exciting workouts.” Eneli, 12.

The next junior gym training program starts on January 10th at two MyFitness clubs in Tallinn. Each group is planned for 12 people aged 12 to 15 years. We train together in a conscious and healthy way! You can find information and registration here>


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