Tair Lissauer

  1. Best thing about being Nike Master trainer?

Best thing about being a Nike master trainer – I have the privilege to work and promote a brand which I have a strong affinity with its core values and DNA.

  1. A motivational thought that gets you up in the morning?

Just do it. With a smile on your face 🙂

  1. What do you tell people who are about to quit their training journey?

Never think about what’s left of the journey. Always focus on how elevated you feel at the end of a session. Celebrate small these small victories and. keep on looking forward with the passion to be a better version of yourself.

  1. Your favourite before and after workout snack?

Good nutrition can help your body perform better and recover faster after each workout. 2 hours before my workout I eat a cup of oatmeal topped with banana and 5 almonds. 

After workout I usually prefer hot meal like grilled chicken/ Salmon/ Tuna with brown rice and roasted vegetables.

  1.  If you could pick one type of exercise for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Burpees! A great combination of stamina, strength and explosive power which you can do pretty much everywhere and without any dependency on equipment.


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Lars Schuijiling aka Larz

  1. Best thing about being Nike Master trainer?

Belonging to the big and awesome Nike family!

  1. A motivational thought that gets you up in the morning?

Go for it today and become better and stronger tomorrow!

  1. What do you tell people who are about to quit their training journey?

Why quit now if you’ve already come thus far? You know you can do more if you want it!

  1. Sinu lemmik snäkk enne ja pärast trenni?

Haa…Mars Bar!

  1. Kui sa peaksid elu lõpuni ühte ja sama harjutust tegema, siis millist? 


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Luciano Mottola

Luciano Mottola is one of the most influential International fitness presenter in the World. Doctor of physiotherapy, he is known by his choreographic classes workshops for fitness (Aerodance, Step Dance, Step Choreography, Aerobic Choreography) in more than 40 Countries. In addition he is well renowned by his body sculpt classes (Total Body Workout, Functional Training, Body Weights ). Elected “Instructor of the Year” in Italy in 2006 (Rimini Wellness) and also elected “The best International Presenter” in Poland in 2012 ( EU4YA). Luciano also was a special guest at IDEA World Convention Los Angeles United States in 2013, 2014 and 2016.

Michael de la Cruz

Michael de la Cruz is a doer and deep down a true fighter with a powerful rhythm running through his veins. He has over 22 years of experience on the international fitness stage through work as a presenter across Europe and Asia complemented by his true love for kickboxing with the purpose of successful implementation of KamiBo® Martial Art Training and Shadowboxer Performance Training or boxing simulation workouts. Michael has been a personal trainer for a few years now. He has set up his own fitness studio in Dusseldorf and Cologne where he works as a personal training with high-standing clients from the business and media industry as well as with professional Olympic athletes. With an exciting KamiBo® 2.0 and Shadowboxer Performance Training workout the certified fitness instructor is living his passion and profession and one can feel it from the first to the last second of the workout. Besides he focuses on both spiritual elements and explosive martial arts techniques that will turn the workout into exciting fireworks of movement and will captivate anyone!




Nike Training Day trainers

Kristi Roosimägi – Creator of MyFitness concepts MyBeat and MyFit body, bodyART Master Trainer from Estonia.

Sandra Raju – Nike Master Trainer from Estonia

Eva Ottas – Creator of MyFitness concepts MyBeat and Studio X from Estonia

Gea Simson – Creator of MyFitness concept MyFit abs from Estonia

Katriina Maidla – Zumba instructor and MyFit body Trainer from MyFitness Estonia

Ene Ottokar – Zumba instructor from MyFitness Estonia

Rainer Rebane – Dance and Indoor Cycling Trainer from MyFitness Estonia

Meeme Männiste – Creator of MyFitness concept My Tabata from Estonia

Marek Kõiv – Indoor Cycling instructor from MyFitness Estonia

Mihkel Vabrit –MyFit abs Trainer from MyFitness Estonia

Kaisa Sööt – Nike Training Club trainer from MyFitness Estonia

Katrena Tenno – Studio X and Nike Training Club Trainer from MyFitness Estonia

Kadi Kuslap – Studio X Trainer from MyFitness Estonia

Miko Lilleorg – Studio X Trainer from MyFitness Estonia

Janek Uuk– Studio X Trainer from MyFitness Estonia

Britta Aduson – Nike Training Club trainer from MyFitness Estonia



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