What’s Nike Training Club Challenge?


I bet you recognize this scenario:
You’ve set the alarm extra early to start your day right and hit the gym before work. But then you hit the snooze 5 times, lay in bed and find every excuse possible to stay there longer:

I’ve already worked out….last week!

I need to sleep to have energy…

I can’t be bothered to work out, I’ll just eat healthier instead

While we know that those excuses won’t make us fit and healthy, it’s still so comfortable to make them. Now it’s time to quit the easy way and start working towards your goals and cross out those excuses one by one!

This is where Nike Training Club Challenge comes to rescue! Our motivating trainers and a kickass community will help you find inspiration to go after your goals & smash those excuses on the way. How do you skip a workout when a room full of motivated go-getters is waiting for you?

And let us add a cherry on top! Everyone who participates in Nike Training Club Challenge can collect their personal discount to use in Nike stores. With each training you get a stamp and with enough stamps you can get up to -50% from Nike stores in Viru & Ülemiste keskus.
And that’s far from all… For every 15x, 30x and 40x trainings the participants get a special access to Nike Training Club special sessions and lectures.

  • So let’s a do an exercise. First, get a pen and paper. Then, write down the following:

Your goal (can be something from specific to achieving an overall good workout routine)

Your favourite excuse to SKIP a workout (too tired, you are way too busy etc)

How are you planning to crush the excuse to achieve your goal?

Put that paper in your wallet, pin it to your work desk or on your fridge – so it’s in front of you every day.
Then join Nike Training Club Challenge and start crushing the excuses with us!

  • What kind of discounts can I earn?

10 workouts = -15%
20 workouts = -30%
30 workouts = -40%
40 workouts = -50%
… from Nike stores in Viru & Ülemiste keskus.

PS. You can use the discount ONCE for a single purchase (number of items is not restricted). The discount expires by 01.01.2018.

  • How to participate?

Choose your closes / most favourite MyFitness Club where the Challenge takes place:  Solaris, Postimaja, Mustamäe, Balti Jaama Turg, Tartu Kesklinn or MyFitness Tartu Lõunakeskus.

Check the Challenge times from MyFitness timetable.

Reserve your spot.

Start crushing your excuses and taking steps closer to your goal!

Challenge takes place from the 25th of September to the 15th of December.

See you (crushing it) on the 25th of September!

Join the N+TC Challenge 2017 Facebook group here!


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