Ready, set – ACTION! 

Train and win a smart Apple Watch Series 9 as a companion for your summer adventures!

Summer isn’t far away, and before you switch your workout routine for summer celebrations, challenge yourself to some fun group workouts. Collect a total of 12 workout stamps between April 15th and May 15th, and receive limited edition sports socks as a gift while also participating in a drawing for 4 Apple Watches!

Give yourself one last spring challenge and put yourself to the test!

Train in one city or collect stamps from all cities!

The choice is yours:



1. The MyGOAL Challenge is a stamp game open to all MyFitness members and period pass holders. The campaign period is 15.04.–15.05.2024. 

2. The game does not apply to children and youth training agreements. 

3. The participant is obliged to complete 12 training sessions during the period 15.04.-15.05.2024. The choice of eligible workouts depends on the city: 

4. To play, the MyFitness member can ask the club administrator for a stamp card. Stamp cards can be obtained from the following clubs: 

in Tallinn: MyFitness Rävala, Kristiine, Mustamäe, Järve, Linnamäe and Viimsi. In Tartu: MyFitness Tartu Annelinn, as well as MyFitness Viljandi and MyFitness Narva Fama. 

5. After completing each workout, the trainer puts a stamp on the card. 

6. If the participant does not complete the training, the activity will not be recorded and the trainer will not put a stamp on the card. Activities and training sessions cannot be included in the game score retroactively.  

7. When 12 training sessions are completed, the data fields on the stamp card must be filled in and the card must be presented to the club’s administrator. The administrator then issues a gift (MyFitness sports socks).  

8. Gifts are issued and cards are collected in the following MyFitness clubs: 

in Tallinn: MyFitness Rävala, Kristiine, Mustamäe, Järve, Linnamäe and Viimsi. In Tartu: MyFitness Tartu Annelinn, as well as MyFitness Viljandi and MyFitness Narva Fama. 

9. To participate in the raffle, a stamp card with filled data fields must be placed in the lottery bowl at the club specified in paragraph 

10. We issue gifts and collect stamped cards placed in the lottery bowl until 22.05.2024 

11. Each participant can play the ACTION Challenge game once. 

12. The Apple Watch raffle will take place on 24.05.2024. In each city, 1 watch will be drawn among the completed stamp cards (one in Tallinn, one in Tartu, one in Narva and one in Viljandi); we will announce the winners here on the website and contact them personally. If the prize winner cannot be contacted by 29.05.2024 at the latest, MyFitness has the right not to hand over the prize to the winner and to draw a new winner. 

13. Campaign gifts and prizes cannot be exchanged for money. 

14. MyFitness has the right to replace the product with another gift if the gifts run out during the campaign period. 

15. MyFitness has the right not to issue a gift if there is information that the participant has violated the terms of the campaign or provided incorrect data. 

16. MyFitness employees cannot participate in the campaign. 


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