Friends’ month is the best time to spend some time in the gym with your friends. In the coming weeks, your friends can work out with you at MyFitness clubs for free!

During the period 01.02 – 17.02, each MyFitness member can bring with them 5 friends to train free of charge. Take one friend five times or take five friends at once – the choice is yours!

  • The campaign runs from 01.02.2019 to 17.02.2019 (incl.) in all MyFitness clubs all over Estonia.
  • The campaign is valid for MyFitness club members with signed agreements and period ticket holders.
  • During the campaign period, a MyFitness club member can bring five friends based on the check from an information kiosk (friend ticket).
  • Friend tickets provide free admission to MyFitness members’ friends who do not have a valid agreement with the club. Friend tickets are not intended for members to use personalized services outside their training package.
  • Friend tickets are used in accordance with the internal rules of conduct, i.e. visitors from 12 years of age accompanied by their parent, visitors from 16 years of age without supervisor.
  • We will draw five MyFitness Personal Training Gift Cards (worth € 35) between all club members who brought a friend with them during this period. The gift card is valid 1 year from the date of issue.
  • It is not obligatory for a club member to exercise with a friend. A member’s friend can also visit the club independently on the basis of a friend ticket.
  • The club will accept friend tickets until 28.02.2019.
  • The results of the prize draw will be announced on 18.02.2019 and winners will be contacted by e-mail.
  • To claim the prize, winner must present an ID.


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