We are very pleased to announce that from Monday, May 3rd, the MyFitness sports clubs will again be open to everyone! You are welcome to workout with us!

Additional information on membership agreements and other MyFitness services:

  • The advance payment for the period 11.03.2021–31.03.2021 will be credited in the invoice for the next period after the opening of the clubs.
  • NETFIT continues with workouts and streaming! We remind you that for active members of the club (without on-hold membership) NETFIT is FREE! This way, you can train on your own in the club and participate in group training in NETFIT until group classes are allowed again. Members with on-hold memberships can activate the NETFIT package, 9.95 € / month.
  • Upon activation of membership agreements, the NETFIT paid package activated by the member will automatically terminate.

You can train in different ways:

  • Gyms and swimming pools are open.
  • The group training studios are open for individual workouts.
  • Personal 1 + 1 trainings continue – find the right personal trainer here.
  • Youth trainings will continue via ZOOM (additional information will be sent soon)
  • Children’s room is open.

In the MyFitness rules of conduct you can find additional information on all matters related to restrictions. For any questions, please contact your home club manager or customer support. Don’t forget to follow the MyFitness website and social media channels.


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