MyFitness personal trainers have a great deal for you! If you buy 7x personal trainings package from them, you get 8th session for FREE!

Be fast! Offer is available until 30.11.17!
For getting the deal, e-mail the trainer and mention “7+1”!

See the list of trainers below.

MyFitness Tallinn clubs
Talis Ponna
Janek Uuk
Tanel Trunin
Maarja Jõgi maarja.jõ
Janek Uuk
Raul Köster raul.kö
Indrek Viska
Tatjana Jakovleva
Ethel Igatt
Lemmo Jaanus
Ave Lao
Ott Mänd ott.mä
Kristjan-Johannes Konsap
Aili Saar
Karin Hallisk
Siim Tõemets siim.tõ
Liivi Kivimäe liivi.kivimä
Mikk Maripuu
Maali Pruul
Kardi Laansoo
Laura Koobas
Kris-Marie Nisu
Polina Mattisen
Kristjan Koik
Robert Grossmann
Kadri Paat
MyFitness Pärnu
Mailiis Stolts
Karl Sutt
MyFitness Tartu 
Taavi Merisalu
MyFitness Narva
Olga Pantelejeva



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