We have good news for you!

You are welcome to train in the renovated gym at MyFitness Rocca al Mare club already this Friday, 8 February, 2019! We apologize for the temporary inconvenience caused by the construction over the past few months. We hope that the expansion of the gym will add value to your workouts and will provide new energy and motivation for the future!

The gym area is now twice the size!

As we expand our gym, we’ve been thinking of bringing in new training features and expanding areas that were a bit narrow. The new section of the club features:
  • A gym extension through two floors connected by training steps
  • A large open free training area for Cross Training and various functional exercises
  • Spacious and well-equipped free-weight area
  • An additional cardio park with new treadmills, bikes and more
  • The Technogym Pure Strength range includes devices that have become the favourite of many visitors
We will close the gym at MyFitness Rocca al Mare for a couple of days before opening a new section
In order to complete the renovation, we will close the club’s gym on Thursday, 7 February, while the club pool and group trainings are open for use at the same time. On this date, MyFitness Rocca al Mare members are welcome to train at all other MyFitness clubs, with MyFitness Mustamäe and MyFitness Kristiine clubs closest to MyFitness Rocca al Mare. You can find information about the clubs here.
See you at the renovated MyFitness at Rocca al Mare club!


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