The holidays are just around the corner, but Santa’s gifts are missing some extra energy? Give the gift of health to your loved one, friend or colleague by including a MyFitness gift card or MyFitness vitamins in the gift bag.


MyFitness electronic gift card is a great gift if you want to give the gift of more energy and health! You can choose the amount of the gift card yourself and give it to your loved one!

  • MyFitness Gift Card is a new plastic card-based gift card that acts as a means of payment in all MyFitness clubs across Estonia.
  • MyFitness Gift Card has an undetermined value; you can make a one-time payment to the card in the minimum amount of ten (10) Euros.
  • The MyFitness gift card can be used multiple times within the balance until the amount is used up.
  • MyFitness gift card balance and expiration date can be checked at customer service at each MyFitness club and by scanning the QR code on the card.
  • MyFitness gift card is valid for 12 months from the day of purchase.


MyFitness Vitamins is a 7-workout card that allows you to visit freely selected MyFitness clubs and recommends participating in the training sessions indicated on the card. Those who complete the vitamin course receive a gift from us – a body composition analysis or a free joining.

Vitamins can be purchased at a freely selected MyFitness club during opening hours at a price of 45 Euros/piece.

Give the gift of health!


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