MyFitness Madness Race: Pirita is fun and challenging obstacle race that takes place on the Pirita Health Path on June 8th 2019!

All people must have some variety and challenges in their lives – otherwise life would be too boring. Obstacle race MyFitness Madness Race will test you, get you in a great mood and provide „some“ challenges. First of all, you will challenge yourself! The speed is not important, it’s the reaching the finish line that counts. If you doubt your abilities, invite your friends, family or colleagues, create your team – you can have more fun together and create memories for life!

MyFitness Madness Race: Pirita course is 5 km long; it includes 25 obstacles of various difficulties. Ups and downs of Pirita river’s brinks are challenging by themselves; additional obstacles create impressive combination. If it is not enough, you can run the course twice (10 km)! That means twice as many obstacles and twice as much emotions! Pirita Health Path is situated in the midst of beautiful nature; we added exciting course with mud and obstacles.

For children there is a separate mini obstacle course and kids area. Register now and put yourself and your friends to a test and make this summer unforgettable

MyFitness Madness Race: Aftermovie 2018

Participation fees:

  1. MyFitness Madness Race: Pirita

    MyFitness members*


    Short course/long course

    Short course/long course

    EarlyBird (1.09-23.09.2018) 13 EUR/15 EUR 13 EUR/15 EUR
    24.09.18-31.03.2019 15 EUR/20 EUR 17 EUR/23 EUR
    1.04-5.05.2019 20 EUR/25 EUR 23 EUR/28 EUR
    6.05-5.06.2019 25 EUR/30 EUR 28 EUR/33 EUR
    8.06.2019 35 EUR/40 EUR 35 EUR/40 EUR


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