Working out is healthy, so for the month of February we’re giving every member 3 FREE tickets for a friend. During Friends Month, your friends train with you for free at MyFitness!

01.02.2024 – 18.02.2024, each MyFitness member can get 3 free FRIEND’S TICKETS at the club information kiosk to take a friend with them to 3 workouts or split 3 tickets between different friends! The choice is yours!

  • The campaign runs 01.02.2024 – 18.02.2024 (incl.) in all MyFitness clubs across Estonia. Friend’s tickets are valid until 18.02.2024.
  • The offer is valid for MyFitness contractual members and periodic card holders (excl. members with on-hold memberships).
  • During the campaign period (01.02.2024 – 18.02.2024), a MyFitness club member can bring three friends to the club for training or give 3 tickets to one or different friends to visit the club on their own (until 18.02.2024).
  • A club member does not have to accompany his friend. A friend of a club member can independently visit a suitable club on the basis of a friend’s ticket.
  • Friend’s tickets provide free entry to all MyFitness clubs across Estonia for member’s friends.
  • A MyFitness member can send a ticket to a friend from the registration screen by clicking the friend ticket button. You can find the friend ticket in the MyFitness mobile application in the form of a QR code, which you can scan when coming to training with a friend or take a picture of the screen and send it to a friend to use independently. In addition, friend tickets also appear as a code in the MyFitness web self-service environment and can be forwarded to friends.
  • A friend can use a Friend’s ticket by showing the administrator the ticket’s QR code on their phone or a printed ticket.
  • A spot in group training cannot be booked with a Friend’s ticket. With a Friend’s ticket, you can attend group training if there are free spots available.
  • Friend’s tickets are intended to be used in accordance with the house rules, i.e. persons from 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent; persons from 15 years of age can visit the club independently.
  • A padlock for the locker is required when visiting the MyFitness club with a Friend’s ticket. If the client does not have a padlock, he can rent it from the club administrator or buy a new padlock in accordance with the current price list.


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