We have furnished an exciting and joyful playroom where kids are supervised by professional and cheerful staff.

Kids’ Playroom is open:

  • Mon 17.00 -20.30
  • Tue 17.00-20.30
  • Wed 17.00-20.30
  • Thu 17.00-20.30
  • Fri 10.00-14.30

NB! Kids’ Playroom will be CLOSED during public holidays.

Here are our Playroom’s rules of conduct that should be followed.

  • Playroom is only open during the scheduled hours when the playroom personnel is in the playroom. It is not allowed to use the playroom at other times.
  • In playroom, the child can be present during the parent’s training session.
  • Please ask for the playroom pass at the club desk to be submitted to the playroom personnel.
  • Service is FREE for members, for non-members one visit fee is 5 € per child.
  • Playroom is for ages 2-7. Playroom personnel has the right to refuse playroom entry for younger and older children.
  • Every 15 minutes in the playroom, outside opening hours, costs additional 5 €.
  • Before leaving the child in the playroom, please tell the personnel child’s name and leave Your phone number.
  • We kindly ask not to leave the child in the playroom with sweets, drinks or personal toys.
  • We kindly ask you to take the child to the toilet before leaving the child in the playroom.
  • It is not allowed to leave sick child in the playroom.
  • In our playroom, we make sure that all children are happy here and safe; in case of a unpolitely behaving child, playroom personnel has the right to call the child’s parent.


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