12.02.2024–03.03.2024 friends of MyFitness members can join for FREE in all MyFitness clubs throughout Estonia! In addition, new members receive a BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS as a gift, and club members who bring a friend to the club receive a SURPRISE GIFT from MyFitness!


What a MyFitness member should know:

  • The Friends Campaign runs from 12.02.2024 to 03.03.2024 and is only valid for contractual members of the MyFitness club, including members with on-hold membership.
  • Campaign does not apply to MyFitness periodic card holders.
  • To participate in the campaign, a MyFitness member must provide the joining friend with a unique FRIEND’S CODE, which can be seen in the self-service.
  • A club member whose friend joins MyFitness can choose a SURPRISE GIFT out of three options: MyFitness beanie, small training towel or a voucher for a body composition analysis.
  • A club member receives a gift based on a GIFT CODE or QR-code, which can be found in the self-service section of the MyFitness website after member’s friend joins the club. Upon presentation of the code in the club, a MyFitness employee will issue the desired gift to the club member.
  • Each member receives one gift when a new friend joins.
  • The amount of gifts is limited. MyFitness has the right to replace the product with another gift if the gifts run out.
  • The gift code can be used until 03.03.2024. After that, the code becomes invalid.
  • During the campaign period, a club member can bring an unlimited number of new members.
  • By participating in the campaign, the member gives his/her consent to the processing of his/her data during the prize draw of the campaign.

What a joining friend should know:

  • Campaign period to join MyFitness: from 12.02.2024 to 03.03.2024
  • The start date of the membership agreement can be chosen up to 7 days later.
  • As part of the campaign, you can join online ( or on site at the chosen MyFitness sports club.
  • When joining online, the discount is valid and the gift is issued only if the FRIEND’S CODE received from a MyFitness member friend is added and confirmed in the promo code column.
  • When joining on-site at a club, the discount is only valid if the person joining came with a friend who is a MyFitness member or can provide the administrator with a FRIEND’S CODE.
  • All new members receive a gift from MyFitness – VOUCHER FOR A BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS.
  • The gift is issued to new members on their first visit.
  • MyFitness has the right to replace the product with another gift if the gifts run out during the campaign period.


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