10 workouts = 1 gift campaign rules

Campaign period: 01.07.19-31.07.19

MyFitness invites you to join the fun summer game that allows you to choose a surprise gift!
Do 10 workouts:

  • 2x Cardio
  • 2x Strength
  • 2x Body and Mind
  • 2x Group training in gym or Gym ABC
  • 2x Group training with a coach of your choice

 Once you have completed the 10 workouts, the information booth will give you a ticket with which you can choose one of the following prizes at the reception.

  • Large towel
  • Body analysis voucher
  • Gym towel


To get the prize, the club member must complete in total 10 workouts, from which 2 must be cardio training sessions, 2 strength training sessions, 2 body and mind training sessions, 2 group training sessions at the gym and 2 workouts of the club member’s choice.

Only training sessions with a coach count as gym training. MyRide+ virtual training does not count as training in this campaign. If the member has completed the 10 required group training sessions during the given period, they will receive a ticket from the information booth that says “ÜLLATUSKINK” (surprise gift). When handing the ticket to the receptionist, the member gets to choose one of the following gifts:

  • Large towel
  • Body analysis voucher
  • Gym towel

Gift rules:

  1. The gift cannot be exchanged for money or another product.
  2. The gifts are limited in number. The club has the right to exchange a gift for another gift with the same value if the former should run out.
  3. The club has the right to refrain from giving a member a gift if it turns out that the member has not participated in training.
  4. My Fitness AS employees cannot participate in the campaign.
  5. You can redeem your gift from your home club, MyFitness+ package holders from the selected club.
  6. It is possible to complete the programme only once during the given period.


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