Opening hours for MyFitness sports clubs from 4.04.2022


  • MyFitness Rocca al Mare, MyFitness Viimsi, MyFitness Balti Jaama Turg, MyFitness Järve Mon-Fri 6.30-23.00; Sat-Sun 9.00-21.00
  • MyFitness Rävala Mon-Fri 6.00-23.00; Sat-Sun 9.00-21.00
  • MyFitness Viru, MyFitness Postimaja, MyFitness Mustamäe, MyFitness Lasnamäe Kärberi, MyFitness Lasnamäe Linnamäe, MyFitness Ülemiste City,  Mon-Thu 6.30-22.00; Fri 6.30-21.00; Sat-Sun 9.00-21.00
  • MyFitness Solaris, MyFitness Pirita Mon-Thu 7.00-22.00; Fri 7.00-21.00; Sat-Sun 9.00-21.00


  • MyFitness Tartu Kesklinn Mon-Fri 6.30-23.00; Sat-Su 9.00-21.00
  • MyFitness Tartu Annelinn Mon-Thu 6.30-22.00; Fri30-21.00; Sat-Sun 9.00-21.00
  • MyFitness Tartu Lõunakeskus Mon-Thu 7.00-22.00; Fri 7.00-21.00; Sat-Sun 9.00-21.00


  •  MyFitness Viljandi Mon-Thu 7.00-22.00; Fri 07.00-21.00; Sat-Sun 9.00-20.00


  • MyFitness Narva Mon-Thu 7.00-22.00; Fri00-21.00; Sat-Sun 9.00-20.00

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