Everything is in full swing in the Christmas month: the elves are rallying to fill the stockings, Santa Claus is filling his bag in the workshop, and people are actively decorating Christmas trees and planning Christmas meals. But next to this whole rally, there is another important one: the MyFitness CHRISTMAS TRAINING RALLY!

AT CHRISTMAS TRAINING RALLY 6–26.12.2021 you can collect stamps for attending training sessions. Collect 10 stamps and receive your gifts!


  • Grab a stamp card! Ask for a stamp card at your home club counter and see which club you need to train in to get the stamp.
  • Come and work out! A visit to the club (at least 30 minutes) is counted as a workout, and stamps can be obtained for each visit. You can choose your workouts! This could be a visit to the gym, a group training, a workout with a personal trainer, or swimming, for example.
  • Ask for a stamp! When your workout is complete, ask the club administrator to stamp your card.
  • Receive a gift! Collect 10 stamps, present the completed stamp card to the club’s service counter and receive your gift!


  • After collecting 10 stamps, you will receive the new NOCCO Skum Nisse Winter Edition festive season drink (330 ml) with strawberry flavour + a free chosen gift from MyFitness (MyFitness hat, microfiber training towel or body composition analysis).


  • The MyFitness Christmas Training Rally Campaign runs from December 6 to 26, 2021 and is open to all MyFitness members, as well as to those who visit the club on a periodic card or on a one-time visit basis.
  • The campaign is a challenge with physical stamp cards; you need to collect 10 stamps in one card. When the card is filled with 10 stamps, the card can be exchanged for gifts at the club service counter.
  • Club stamp cards may vary from club to club as the purpose of the CHRISTMAS TRAINING RALLY is to also rally between different MyFitness clubs (if available in that area).
  • The selected workout must be performed at the club indicated on the stamp card; the time spent in the club must be at least 30 minutes.
  • If a club member participates in two group trainings in a row or spends at least 1 hour in the gym/pool, he only gets 1 stamp per one visit. In other words, the time spent and the amount of training do not play a role in receiving the stamp. Only the number of visits counts.
  • For MyFitness members with Day Package and Full Package, a one-time visit outside their package and home club upon presentation of a stamp card is € 1. This makes it cheaper to visit other clubs during the campaign period.
  • The stamp can be requested from the club administrator after completing a training session.
  • After collecting 10 stamps, a completed stamp card can be exchanged for gifts at any club indicated on the card.
  • Gifts: NOCCO Skum Nisse Winter Edition (330 ml) + free chosen gift from MyFitness (MyFitness hat, microfiber training towel or body composition analysis).
  • If gifts run out, MyFitness can replace gifts with equivalent products during the campaign period. Gifts cannot be exchanged for cash or other products.
  • MyFitness reserves the right not to issue gifts if it becomes apparent that a campaign participant has violated the campaign rules.
  • Stamps cannot be obtained retroactively for workouts already completed. Unfortunately, you cannot get the stamp later if you forgot your card at home.
  • A completed stamp card can be exchanged for gifts until 9.01.2022.
  • MyFitness employees cannot participate in the challenge.


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