Summer is especially enjoyable for working out in good company – with Your workout buddies and best friends! 

From 10.07.2024 to 31.07.2024, joining the club is FREE for friends of all MyFitness members at all MyFitness clubs across Estonia. New members receive a MyFitness workout towel as a gift, and the member who brought the friend to the club gets a 30% discount on MyFitness branded products. 

In addition, among the members who brought a friend to join and the new members, there will be a raffle for ten MyFitness 1-month and ten 3-month period cards, as well as gifts from Apotheka Beauty.

JOIN FOR FREE online or at a club location that suits You. 

What a MyFitness member needs to know: 

  • The friend campaign is valid from 10.07.2024 to 31.07.2024 only for contractual MyFitness club members, including those with on hold memberships. 
  • The campaign does not extend to MyFitness period card holders. 
  • To participate in the campaign, a MyFitness member must give their friend a unique FRIEND CODE, displayed in their online self-service portal. 
  • The gift will be issued to the member based on a special GIFT CODE found in the MyFitness mobile application and online self-service section after their friend has joined the club. Upon showing the code at a suitable MyFitness club, a MyFitness customer service representative will give the gift to the member. 
  • Each member will receive 30% discount voucher on MyFitness branded products as a gift when a new friend joins. 
  • The gift code can be used until 10.08.2024. After this date, the code will expire. 
  • A club member can bring an unlimited number of new members during the campaign period. 
  • By participating in the campaign, the member consents to the processing of their data for the campaign prize draw. 

What the joining friend needs to know: 

  • The campaign period during which the friend must join MyFitness is 10.07.2024 to 31.07.2024. 
  • The start date of the membership agreement can be chosen up to a maximum of 7 days in the future. 
  • As part of the campaign, You can join online or at a suitable MyFitness sports club on site. 
  • For online joining, the discount and gift will only be applied if the FRIEND CODE received from the MyFitness club member is added and confirmed in the discount code field. 
  • For joining on site at the club, the discount will be applied if the new joiner can provide the FRIEND CODE to the customer service representative. 
  • All new members receive free membership and a MyFitness SMALL WORKOUT TOWEL as a gift from MyFitness. 
  • The gift will be handed over to the new member on their first visit. 
  • MyFitness reserves the right to replace the gift with another product if the gifts run out during the campaign period. 
  • In addition, we will be giving away gifts from Apotheka Beauty as well as ten 1-month and ten 3-month period cards. The period card can also be used by a member to pay the monthly fee. The draw will take place no later than 10.08.2024, and the winners will be announced on this website and contacted personally. If it is not possible to contact the prize winners by 16.08.2024, MyFitness reserves the right not to give the prize to the winners and to draw a new winner. 


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