The role of a personal trainer in my workout.

Kadri Paat, Gym and Personal training manager

In all MyFitness clubs you can see cheerful and healthy people with bright eyes. They often wear a blue shirt that has “personal trainer” written on the back. I think you probably already noticed them or will notice them tonight when you come to work out!

The role of a personal trainer is especially important if you are just starting to climb up the training ladder. They help you achieve a regular training rhythm and move towards your goal. On the other hand, experienced “fitness hounds” also find their way to a personal trainer for new ideas to diversify their workouts. So why is personal training so valuable?

  1. Personal training is an investment in a healthier future

With our fast-paced lifestyles, we have less and less time to spend with our loved ones, look after ourselves and contribute to the years we hope to live in robust health five, 10 or 20 years down the track. How much do we invest in our health and well-being, and the health and well-being of our loved ones, compared to the purchases we make? Personal training is one of the simplest and most effective shortcuts to a stress-free life and feeling better and fresher in yourself!

  1. Weight loss is many times more effective when working with a personal trainer

Reducing your percentage of body fat and losing weight can be huge challenges which people often fail in. But if you work with a personal trainer, you get the motivation and consistent support you need to cope during the hardest times. Your goal to be physically active and improve your fitness level and overall well-being should be lifelong and support your health. If you work with a personal trainer, you can be sure that your journey to getting into great shape for summer or fitting into your favourite dress again will be a carefully considered and structured process that will not just remain a pipe dream.

  1. We support you on your journey towards working out!

You can be in any shape – personal training is about setting you off on your journey towards achieving a better fitness level, even if you have no experience of working out. You can find the right personal trainer for you on the MyFitness website, which can be done without leaving your front door. Fill in an application form to find a suitable trainer or filter the trainers by competence, club and gender. We want the process of finding a suitable trainer to be as quick and easy for you as possible.

  1. People who attend personal training skip a lot fewer workouts

People often manage to work out three times a week for a month or so, then start thinking about giving up, and suddenly working out takes a back seat. But if you work with a personal trainer, you will train more consistently and build up a strong training routine that will stand you in good stead for years to come. When we work out by ourselves, we often struggle to make it to the gym. But with a personal trainer, you tend to stick much more closely to your workout routine. Your agreement with the trainer and the goals you set together are what encourage you to pursue your objectives.

  1. You can focus solely on working out when being personally trained

When we go to the gym by ourselves, we can easily lose focus, staring at our phones for too long between sets or starting to think about other things that reduce the effectiveness of the exercise we are doing. In personal training, your focus is held on the workout, and the training is significantly more effective than going to the gym by yourself. Of course, your trainer will always let you rest as much as you need to between sets, but at the same time will not let your workout become ineffective.

These very “blue shirts” will always help you with their advice and strength. Feel free to contact them at the gym or find your personal trainer here. Together we will achieve our goals faster and healthier – see you at training, friends!


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