There are only two months left until the IRONMAN Tallinn competition, which means it’s time to focus on thorough preparation. To successfully complete IRONMAN, it is extremely important that athletes pay attention to their health in order to perform at their best on race day.

A health check is one of the most important steps any athlete should take before a major competition. This helps identify potential health problems and ensures your body is ready for intense training and competition. In the blog post, we will talk more about why every athlete should check their health and what food supplements support the preparation.

It is important to undergo a health check to prevent potential health problems and ensure a safe and effective training experience.

Blood tests

Blood tests help to assess your overall health and understand how your training has affected your body. Test results provide insight into the strength of the immune system and possible hidden health problems. Confido Medical Center offers an Athlete analysis package so that every athlete can get a better overview of their health.

Confido Medical Center supports triathletes, and all IRONMAN participants can undergo a health check-up at Confido with a discount of up to 20%!

Stress test

To determine the initial capabilities and optimal training heart rate of an athlete, it is recommended to undergo a stress test. At the Confido Medical Center, every athlete can undergo cardiac stress tests, which help to assessing physical performance. This diagnostic method can be used to assess the condition and endurance of the cardiovascular system.

The best means of recovery is a varied diet and rest. In addition, various recovery drinks help you recover after workouts.

Food supplements

Preparing for an IRONMAN competition puts an athlete’s body to the test. In order for your workouts to be effective and your body to recover well after exercise, it is important to pay attention to your diet and, if necessary, take food supplements.

Because preparing for a triathlon takes a long time and training volumes are high, it is also recommended to take energy supplements during training.

Isotonic sports drink is a mixture of carbohydrates, electrolytes and various vitamins; it helps restore energy and fluid reserves during training. An isotonic sports drink also promotes recovery and restores glycogen and mineral reserves.

One of the most important components of successful training is recovery after workout. Recovery from exercise is important for improving physical performance. Intense and time-consuming workouts deplete the body’s energy reserves, especially glycogen stores, so it is important to consume carbohydrates after workout. It is also important to consume enough protein to speed up muscle recovery after exercise.

The best means of recovery is a varied diet and rest. In addition, various recovery drinks help you recover after workouts.

ICONFIT RECO recovery drink mix contains protein and carbohydrates, plus 5% high-quality micronized creatine, providing a descent dose of protein and carbohydrates. It also speeds up muscle recovery and increases energy levels in the body.

Post-workout recovery and muscle development are also supported by ICONFIT Whey Protein 80, based on high-quality whey protein concentrate.

At ICONFIT website you will find the best food supplements to support your training and recovery!

We wish all triathletes good summer weather over the coming months and good luck in their preparations!


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