IRONMAN 70.3 is done! MyFitness trainers have experienced the magic and pain of the triathlon world, and now it’s time to take a closer look at the experience and recovery period.

The MyFitness Bulletproof team made it to the podium!

That’s right – one women’s team took third place in IRONMAN! Team members admitted that a week before the competition their health fluctuated and they were not 100% physically ready for the start. “I don’t like to whine and complain, but throughout the week of the competition, I had one problem after another. The spirit was ready a long time ago, but the body was struck by some kind of virus that did not want to leave. I thought to myself that I only need to swim, and the others will do all three races by themselves. When I arrived at the place, I felt better from the all the fuss around, everyone was in a cheerful mood, and this gave me more energy,” admits Laura-Lotte. She adds:

“The course seemed very simple and logical: you go straight, turn right, go straight again, one turn left and you are done. In fact, everything went well until the second buoy, but then I got very off course and had to try hard to get back. But all’s well that ends well – it really was a very pleasant and easy swim.”

After the morning swim, it was time for Kaisa to get on the bike and roll to the Seaplane Harbour. “This year I managed to take part in two IROMAN 70.3 triathlon competitions, where I represented the teams in the cycling race. Both races went definitely better than planned, and at the race in Tallinn I was convinced once again that it was time to start the path that will lead to the passage of all three distances,” says Kaisa. “I am grateful that the women in my team gave their all, and thanks to teamwork we were able to climb the podium. I feel warm and positive and I am already looking forward to new challenges with these cool people!”

Half marathon left. Anna-Liisa, how did it go? “It is incredible what the body is capable of when it is supported by positive mental work and the fact that Katrena is chasing you! The track is quite winding, and the first lap was an introduction to it: where to push, where to let the slope carry you, where friends and acquaintances are waiting at the turn. At about the ninth kilometre, I wanted to sit down, but there was no such opportunity – at least I did not allow myself to do so. Have some gel – and go one! The support of the fans was incredibly powerful and necessary; it would have been much more difficult to keep going without it. At the twentieth kilometre, my left calf cramped, and at some point I had to stop to stretch. However, Katrena was on my heels, and in a few seconds my team and I were already rushing to the finish line. Third place among women’s teams – cool!”

Swim, roll, run… BY YORSELF?

“My experience and result this time were not half as good as I wanted. Despite the fact that I trained more, my health during the competition was worse. The bike was especially difficult in a headwind. At the same time, my motivation also dropped, because I realized that I could not improve my previous result in triathlon – and this was my goal.

During the race, my body refused to cooperate, and the last 10 kilometres I was accompanied by stomach cramps, which I could not immediately get rid of even after the finish line. But no day is the same. I safely reached the finish line, and there were no surprises on the track.

What motivated me the most was the support from MyFitness and Tripassion crowd. It helped me not to lose heart, I am very grateful for the support. I don’t know yet if I will participate in this event again, but knowing myself, I won’t be surprised if I go to the track again next year,” says Laura-Liza.

Faster, higher, stronger!

“My performance at the competition went smoothly. I was able to maintain the pace I wanted and at the same time be able to smile at my supporters when needed and also greet my loved ones. Most of the fans gathered on the edges of the running track, and in such an environment it is nice to make an effort – it is definitely a cool experience! After a weekend in the triathlon atmosphere, I am now interested to go through the entire individual competition format in the near future. Let’s see how it works out,” Kalev admits.

Katrena says: “This year the team went through Ironman wonderfully. I want to thank my amazing team members Andra and Karina who made IRONMAN unforgettable. The support of the home audience and the emotions received from the race were very important. Until the next try!”

“Before the start, I felt good! Even a little nervous, and this is always positive. It means that you are excited, and I planned to give it my all. I warmed up on the shore, put on a wetsuit and went to the starting corridor. I positioned myself comfortably in front and was among the first to run into the water. Somewhere in the middle of the distance it became more difficult, but I took this into account – I still try hard! After giving the chip, I left the changing area and fell on the grass, because I felt pretty bad! Fortunately, this meant that I left all my strength in the water. Unfortunately, this did not affect the result, because it turned out to be much worse than planned. Instead of 26 minutes, I saw 29 minutes. Fortunately, the whole event was very cool! The team did a good job and we finished in the top ten,” says Pjotr.

“The swim went surprisingly well, in the mass start of the teams I had to fight a little for a place and swim against the wind, but then it went better. The water was so cold that the body recovered quickly. Teammates were ok too… They didn’t do their part of the job as quickly as I did, but otherwise they were good,” Andra jokes.

Karina admits that she really likes different challenges. “Especially the ones that are outside my comfort zone. Fortunately, we were really lucky with the weather, so a smile never left my face. Now all I have to do is learn how to swim and I can do half IRONMAN on my own.”

How was the recovery?

“My recovery was easy. Two days later my legs recovered and I didn’t feel like I had gone through IRONMAN a couple of days ago. I felt very good in general,” says Laura-Liisa. “However, after the finish it was very difficult, and it was unexpected, because last time I did not have such a feeling. The body was exhausted, and I could not sleep until 2 am. But when I finally fell asleep, it was a very sweet dream.”

Other trainers also admit that they could feel consequences of their great efforts. “The condition of my legs over the next two days was not the best, but it passed,” says Katrena. Kalev adds on the subject: “The next day, my legs were a little sore after running but it didn’t cause me any problems. Individual participants of both distances are the real heroes.”

However, Laura-Lotte has a different experience: “Since swimming is such a natural activity for me, I cannot say that I had to recover from something. I had some pain in my shoulder for a few days, but luckily it went away quickly.”

Summing up…

MyFitness trainers came, competed and are ready to do it again! No challenge is too big; everything can be done together and with positive energy. Sport makes you happy, invigorates your body and mind, and keeps you alive! Set yourself a cool goal and invite your friends – together is better!


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