5 honest tips on how to successfully lose weight!

Personal trainer Alexandra Laer

You may feel that weight loss has its own set of rules – workout routines, “right” amount of repetitions or weights. You may think that weight loss can be reduced with a specific diet or calorie intake. All of this plays a role, but I recommend that you start with a definite plan from which to begin your journey. I will give you 5 honest tips on how to make this journey a success.

1. Think WHY you really want to lose weight. What’s your goal?

I advise you to start calmly, sit down and honestly answer a few questions. Why do you want to lose weight? Why is this important to you? What does desired weight mean to you? Imagine how you want to look and what you want to achieve. In addition to the physical side, it is also important that you remain healthy and cheerful throughout the journey.

2. Don’t rely solely on motivation.

Motivation is very fluid and inherently very unreliable! Today it is there, but not tomorrow. Think carefully and be prepared. Open your calendar, see where you can fit your workouts, and book yourself a weekly time to move. Only you make decisions about your life and time. Sometimes we really are busy, activities and responsibilities take up all our time. On the other hand, maybe it’s not a matter of time, but we simply don’t know how/don’t dare to take the first step? Ask for help with work and/or children, find the courage for your first workouts. Take time to reflect on your eating habits, are they helping you on a new path?

3. Find activities to your liking.

Training doesn’t have to be torture. The desired results can be achieved through enjoyable activities. You may like the gym, others prefer group trainings, dancing, swimming, walking. The main goal is to increase the amount of physical activity in your life. The number of calories burned and the nature of the movement are not so important. It is important that you exercise regularly.

4. Find support.

Find someone to support you on your way to your goal. You know best what works for you: professional advice, strict trainer’s supervision, friendly support, or someone who trains with you! The main thing is that you have support that you can rely on in your “moments of weakness”. You are capable of so much more, move toward your goal, believe in yourself and let others help you!

5. Don’t strive for quick results.

Changes take time, but the desired result is certainly worth it. Short-term diets and challenges will help you lose weight quickly, but they won’t teach you how to stay healthy and fit in your daily life. Life is not always perfect, and you should not wait for ideal conditions to start training (e.g. weekend, vacation, “when the project is finished”, etc.). Your goal should be to live a healthy lifestyle and implement it in your daily life. It is important that you are able to lead a healthy life even during difficult times. If you can fulfill at least 80% of your plans, you will change your lifestyle! Constant little exercises, not quick “miracle diets” will lead you to your goal!


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