Personal training

Personal training is faster, safer, more fun and systematic than training on your own. All our Personal Trainers are smart and friendly; they are great motivators who will take you one step further than you thought you were capable of! Personal trainers will help you to outdo yourself and to improve your daily self-esteem and courage!

We offer the opportunity to purchase 1x or 3x personal training packages.

Personal trainer:

  • helps choose suitable exercises and weights according to training goals
  • teaches correct exercise technique
  • sets training intensity
  • composes training schedule
  • motivates and makes the workouts more interesting


Swimming personal trainings

At MyFitness Rocca al Mare club we offer also swimming personal trainings both for children (starting from 5 years old) and for adults. Previous swimming experience is not important as we offer trainings for both beginners and for advanced swimmers as well.

Our personal trainers

Personal training booking rules