Book your meeting with a Personal Trainer for training and dietary consultation!

Have you thought about losing weight or getting into better shape but have no idea where to start?
You want to start exercising but want to know for sure which training or exercises are the best to begin with?

During the training and nutritional counseling session you will get a lot of useful information regarding healthy and effective training, also regarding the way to combine your physical activities with the best dietary choices! Nutrition recommendations include versatile and healthy food recommendations. Personal trainers will also provide you with a detailed review of your current diet and with recommendations for future additions or changes to move towards better health, to lose weight and to achieve a better shape.

In addition we recommend you to purchase a body composition analysis to be able to set your goals even more precisely and effectively.

 Consultation includes: 

  • An hour long counseling session with a Personal Trainer.
  • Review of your diet and nutrition recommendations for the future by a Personal Trainer of your choice.
  • Personal Trainers advice to help you to follow the principles of a healthy and versatile diet
  • Recommendations to create an individual and effective training program
  • The rates are 30-40 Euros (choose your trainer and the club HERE)

If you want to get even more specific advice and help regarding nutrition and diet, we recommend Weight counseling!

MyFitness Weight counseling provides:

  • Individual counseling which analyses your former and current diet, gives you recommendations for the future and follows your progress.
  • More awareness about a healthy diet that will make your lifestyle significantly more wholesome and healthier.
  • The knowledge to eat diversely, according to your actual needs, and consuming the nutrients required by your body in the correct proportion.
  • Competent recommendations for exercise that will further support your desired weight change.
  • A great appearance and better health – all that you have dreamed of for ages!


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