In order to determine your physical shape, we recommend you to definitely conduct the exercise stress test before you start your training.

  • Come to the test wearing comfortable sportswear.
  • At the beginning of the test, the instructor will ask you to answer a few questions regarding your general physical shape.
  • Your blood pressure, fat percentage, and weight will be measured.
  • The test will be carried out on a spinning bike. During the test the instructor will observe your heart rate as the load increases. A heart rate monitor will be strapped to your chest in order to observe your heart rate.

Test cannot be conducted:

  • If you have consumed alcohol or have a hangover – risk of tachycardia!
  • If you have a cold or otherwise feel unwell, or just have started to recover from an illness.
  • If you are extremely tired – exhaustion causes abnormal heart rate reaction during the test.
  • If your blood pressure is abnormally high.

Two hours before the test:

  • Avoid smoking, drinking coffee and soft drinks – it will accelerate your heart rate and decrease the test’s accuracy.
  • Do not eat excessively – this will make the passing the test uncomfortable.

We conduct exercise stress tests for people aged 12 years and above. Book a time for the exercise stress test; see the contact details of trainers of MyFitness Kristiine.

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