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    For MyFitness members all products in OiOi web store are -20% off. For discount, provide promotional code „myfitness“ while placing the order.

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    OiOi web store is created for Women who love gorgeous jewelry and know that it can only make them more beautiful! With OiOi jewelry we bring elegance, color, style and shine to your life.

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    With MyFitness membership card 10% off all services at MRoom Tartu mnt 13, Tallinn.

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    MRoom is the largest barber shop chain in Europe, with 2 locations in Tallinn: Estonia pst 5 & Tartu mnt 13.

    MRoom offers barbering services with and without bookings – just walk in or make an appointment, +372 603 0244

  • Decus Aesthetic Clinic

    With MyFitness membership card 10% off all services.

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    Decus Aesthetic Clinic combines the beauty, aesthetic and educational centres and a store where you can buy professional cosmetics from world renowned manufacturers.
    Aesthetic Health and Spa offers its clients the large range of services in body care and face care; we combine traditions with the latest advances in the cosmetology and innovative machine methods.

  • Goldtime


    With MyFitness membership card 5% off all products.

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    Goldtime is fast growing jewellery store chain in Estonia which provides wide range of high quality jewellery and watches. We always pay a special attention to the assortment of our products, so anybody can find something suitable – trendy watch, classic gold chain or extremely fashionable silver earrings.

  • HairLine

    With MyFitness membership card 10% off all full-priced products.

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    OÜ HairLine was established in 1996. We are cooperating with many companies in Europe and Asia. We have the largest selection of hairdressing supplies, the leading brands and constantly updated product range.

  • Hambaravi Molaar

    Hambaravi Molaar OÜ

    With MyFitness membership card 10% off dental medical treatment,  5% off denture treatment.

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    Modern technologies for accurate diagnostics and successful dental treatments. Experienced doctors are skilled in the latest advances in the dental care.

  • Kotinagi


    For MyFitness members 20% off all products. Provide your customer code while placing the order.

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    Web shop sells accessories for the modern women – HANDBAG HOOK HANGERS. Handbag hook hanger is a stylish and elegant helper for placing you handbag. Handbag hooks can be used at the coffee shop and a restaurant, at the bar and at home, at the beauty salon and at work, at the school etc.

  • Wellness Studio

    With MyFitness membership card 25% off all body treatments.
    With MyFitness membership card 5% off all face treatments.

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    We offer body treatments based on modern technology, and medical aesthetic beauty treatments. Our goal is to bring you positive experiences and to be your safe and trustworthy partner. Treatments are conducted by properly educated and certified medical professionals.

  • Nordic Hambakliinik

    Nordic Hambakliinik

    With MyFitness membership card 10% off dental medical treatment.

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    Nordic Hambakliinik offers full dental services in the centre of Tallinn. Here you can get help for any teeth problem – from dental medical treatment to implants and aesthetic treatment.

  • Sundari SPA

    Sundari SPA

    For MyFitness members 10% off all services and products. Discount code for booking: myfitness10

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    Sundãri is an exclusive line of body care, face care, and spa products made of best Indian ingredients and rare essential oils. It combines ancient Ayurveda healthy principles with modern beauty science. Choose the products and treatments at

  • Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikum

    Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikum

    With MyFitness club card 15% off all the SEM health packages. Additional discounts on certain single services.

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    Sports medicine and recreational treatment clinic at Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikum offers high class health examination and physical assessment for amateur and professional athletes, and for youngsters; clinic also offers wide range of recreational treatments,  nursing services and healthcare services.


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