Yes, I’m sure men have exactly the same problems finding self-confidence and satisfaction with their body. I’m searching for myself. I am constantly aware of where I started and what I have achieved.” 

I want to be the best version of myself every day! 

My story began when I weighed 99.3 kg. They say that men’s opinion starts at 100 kilograms, so I didn’t have my opinion yet. I decided that I didn’t want to express my opinion in that form. But how did it all start? 

I put myself first 

My friends know me as a fun-loving guy with an extremely optimistic outlook who constantly puts the well-being of others above his own. At some point, such a disregard for my own well-being began to gnaw at me from the inside. Every day I was losing myself more and more, and some of my friends noticed it. 

Subtle and consistent weight gain was also a good excuse to quit physical activity. A shoulder injury from a few years ago reminded of itself again and again. But in fact, everything indicated that I needed changes. “I am 27 years old man, I want to live a full life” – this thought more and more often crossed my mind and began to press. 

I realized that change should start with me, and not with someone else. Only I can put myself first. Since 2017, I have been a passive member of the MyFitness club, where I trained completely aimlessly and with varying degrees of success. This happened about once a month, and, of course, after working out it was necessary to reward yourself for your diligence with something tasty. The consequences are quite predictable; you won’t get very far with such behaviour. 

Personal training as a birthday present 

When my sister asked me in January what I wanted as a birthday present, I took the opportunity and asked for a personal training session as a gift. We agreed on this. Then a new challenge appeared. MyFitness has dozens of trainers. Which one is right for me? Through trial and error, I finally got the courage to write to Miko Lilleor. I explained that I do folk dancing every week, but now I decided to start working on myself properly, can he help me? He could help, and how! Since January 18, 2020, my life has changed. 

Before the first workout, I was terribly worried and thought about what awaited me. I was trembling. To be honest, the first training session really turned out to be rather disappointing. I didn’t think I was so weak physically. I admire a coach who didn’t make a huge number of my complete uselessness and supported me throughout my workout. 

But this first workout sparked something in me. The coach’s goal of starting to burn fat seemed like an overwhelming task, but the challenges are meant to be met and overcome. And that’s how it all started. First, the trainer gave me a simple gym program that I did myself. In the next training, I had to demonstrate the results to the trainer, and this motivated me very much, because my pride would not allow me to show that nothing had changed. 

This conscious movement and nutritional control continued during the first wave of coronavirus, when the entire world was locked up. Fortunately, in 1.5 months I was able to form a habit, and from that moment I was able to continue my path on my own. 

I don’t forget where I started 

Today, a year and a half later, my way of thinking has completely changed. Today I am in better shape than ever before. Through conscious training, I control my old shoulder injury. My stamina and strength are better than ever, and as an added bonus, I made new friends at the gym. 

Gradually setting new goals, I move forward with the support of my trainer and friends. In addition to being in better shape, I am happier and more confident because I feel so much better in my body. Yes, I’m sure men have exactly the same problems finding self-confidence and satisfaction with their body. I’m searching for myself. I am constantly aware of where I started and what I have achieved. 

Thank you MyFitness and trainers for inspiring me and others every day to become the best version of ourselves! 


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