For many young women, there is the moment when the metabolism slows down and the extra kilos seem to stick to the body. So it happened with me. 

Since childhood, I have not been thin, always a bit chubby. As a teenager, it was especially difficult to endure the grins of classmates and strangers. A real struggle with kilograms began, I counted calories, ran in the morning before school. This kept the weight in check. 

However, I developed the discipline of working out only in adulthood, and not immediately. I have been going to the gym deliberately for more than 10 years, but only in the last three years it started to bring real buzz. 

In 2017, I got pregnant, gained 22 kg and gave birth to a daughter. I tried to force myself to work out at home with a baby in my arms but it turned out to be too much of a burden. 

I am very grateful to MyFitness for the opportunity to go to trainings with a small child – this was a real discovery for me. When the training sessions “Fit with a baby” and “Swimming for babies” appeared in the Viimsi club, I signed up without hesitation. I got new acquaintances, great trainer Eva Marie Müts, who motivated and supported me. It was as if I had plunged into a new world. 

Not without difficulty, but I said goodbye to the extra 6 kg and began to gradually notice changes in my body. And then in 2019 I got pregnant again, this time I gained 13 kg. I continued to go to training with my little daughter and have fun until 7 months of pregnancy. Then I dropped out of sports for a year.

But I came back! To the same trainer, to the same workouts. Later, the children grew older and could stay in the playroom. I did a body composition analysis and received advice from a personal trainer at MyFitness to know what to focus on in training; tested for food intolerance; visited a physiotherapist to get help with the knee arthritis. 

Now I go to my favourite group trainings without my kids. BodyJam, BodyCombat, Studio X workouts and of course swimming. Over the last 10 months, I said final goodbye to 10 kg, I feel great. Finally, my back doesn’t hurt, I don’t have shortness of breath, I sleep well, my weight doesn’t jump even with a ‘cheat meal’, and knees with arthritis don’t bother me so much. 

Sport has definitely changed my life. Sport helps me to multitask and to keep up with everything. I finally love my body; I thank myself for going all the way and not backing down. Sport gives me energy to live, be happy and get a charge of good mood at least three or four times a week! 


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