“I know I will never achieve a ‘stunning’ figure – at my age there are many wrinkles and flabby skin, but I have found a new way of life that makes me appreciate my body and treat it respectfully and healthily.” 

I am 67 years old retiree; in March 2020 I immigrated to Estonia with my husband to be with my immediate family. I have always struggled with my weight and I have tried every diet known to man, but not in combination with regular exercise. Consequently, I have never managed to maintain any weight loss and achieve a figure I was happy with. I would look at photos of myself on holiday and hate what I saw, opting to wear baggy clothes to hide the bulges. 

When we moved to Estonia I thought: new country, new life, and new body and joined MyFitness. I had a body composition analysis and a programme tailored to my requirements from my chosen personal trainer. Unfortunately, I broke my lower leg and a bone in my foot whilst walking on the pavement in Tartu, and then COVID intervened and MyFitness had to close. After a lengthy recuperation I returned to MyFitness and with a revised programme taking account of my weaker leg, I began to improve and now I am finally making a difference to my body shape and my life. 

I attend MyFitness 4 times a week and as I see the results in the mirror, the fit person in my clothes and the increase in my energy levels, I am inspired to carry on. I am actually enjoying the training and it is having an impact on my mental outlook. I am happier and more content with myself and can look at myself in the mirror without cringing.

The help from my personal trainer has been invaluable and he inspires me with his own enthusiasm and his knowledge of the research behind the particular exercises he has chosen for me. I know I am using the machines correctly and carrying out the floor exercises safely with the maximum benefit. After each training session I feel good about myself and have more energy and interest in life. 

I know I will never achieve a ‘stunning’ figure – at my age there are too many wrinkles and flabby skin, but I have found a new way of life that makes me appreciate my body and treat it respectfully and healthily. 

I would encourage anybody, whatever age, to join and see what a regular regime of exercise can do to enhance (and possibly) extend your life and have a positive impact on all aspects of your life. 


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